The munsters

Top – Les Ailes
Leggings – H&M
Boots – Winners
Belt – thrifted
Occasion: grocery shopping

My little monster. Isn’t he so cute????  Despite what it looks like, he’s lovin the attention. He has allergies right now, poor guy. He’s one of the cuddliest dogs ever. Matt and him take naps together, spooning on the bed.

Matt told me this was not an outfit when I asked him to take the pictures. You have to picture me rolling my eyes as you read that. I’m really jealous of those blogger girls who’s boyfriends are super supportive and actually go out with them looking for photo locations at the end of the day. I have to twist Matt’s arm just to give me 30 seconds and then I end up with 20 blurry pictures. What can ya do!

On cruddy cool days like today, I like being comfortable so I often throw on something long enough to cover my butt and some leggings and boots. Ive had all these items for a few years now but they really only come out on chilly weekends when I’m running errands. You won’t catch me alive wearing leggings as pants though.

Oh so last night I put on some Roseanne dvds in the bedroom and CLEANED. You can actually see part of the floor now! I even got rid of a mountain of clothing too. When I ran out of empty hangers, I would reevaluate and force myself to throw something else into the give mountain. That should be my new rule. If it doesn’t fit on a hanger, something else has got to go!


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