‘Cause you can’t break a spirit, you can’t kill a dream, Do you have any more gum, more gum?

tank top – old navy (old)
cardigan – ? (I either thrifted this or stole it from a friend)
Skirt – H&M (old)
Tights – Joe Fresh from Loblaws (4$)
Shoes – Steve Madden (69.99)
Occasion: work then clothing swap.

Today did not start out well, traffic + standing on a bus = not my definition of a perfect morning. 

While at the 7 days of vintage sale Friday, my sister and I found out about a clothing swap Monday and decided to check it out. I was tired all day yesterday and all I wanted to do was go home and vedge but I forced myself to not be a lazy as. Met up with Steph and we made good time (I live far from everything so it takes me a million years to get home from anything) so we were at the swap around 6:30 and I was back home around 8:30.  There weren’t many people but we still managed to get some good stuff. I got 2 dresses, a pair of jeans that Steph was getting rid of, 2 skirts, a purse I will probably put in the shop and a belt. Not a bad deal in exchange for a bag of unwanted clothes and 5$. One of the skirts is actually from Topshop and I haven’t quite made up my mind if I will keep it or not but I wanted to bring it home and try it out with a few things before making up my mind. [It’s long, I’m short… we’ll see if we can put aside our differences and get along]

I decided to wear this skirt because when I went to the Value Village 50% sale and had a pencil skirt on… trying on pants was no easy task. I also threw on a tank top (which I hardly wear to work) to be able to try anything on top easily (steph’s suggestion). It’s starting to get cold out and the weather is so unpredictable, I put on my rubber boots to be safe (and had my change of shoes) so obviously when I left the office, I was dying in the warm 5:00 sun in my RUBBER boots. And today I didn’t bring an umbrella or boots so it’s probably going to pour when I leave work.

Oh Oh! I have a story about my nylons. I wanted polka dot ones for a while and I went into urban outfitters a few months back for another reason, saw they had them on the manequins. After spending a couple of minutes trying to go through the boxes on the wall (that are NOT organized and fall down when you move one to see what’s behind!!) I asked them if they could help me and find me a pair. They checked the back and after coming out and telling me there weren’t any in back but maybe upstairs, I assumed someone would help me look. Since by this time I was already at the damn cash, I asked the guy to put my glasses aside so I could just check quick upstairs. 5 billion hours later with no help from any sales person, my sister and I went through both racks and I think we found a pair with hearts that were something like 16 or 18 dollars and by that point I said SCREW THIS and cut in line to pay for my damn glasses (the guy gave me a “did you just cut in line?” look and I threw back a “shut the hell up, I already waited in line once” look). Fast forward a few weeks, I’m at the grocery store and going through the “other stuff” section, looking at nylons, fond this pair for something like 4$. In your face urban outfitters, that’s what you get when your clothes are overpriced and your service leaves much to be desired, now I remember why I only shop there once every 3 years.

Found out I got 80% on my photography class. This was pretty surprising considering I most likely failed the written exam. Yay for getting by on my looks! …wait what? I meant yay for doing really well on my project. Yeah that’s it.  

Now go check out Transient Expression and enter her giveaway for a faux fur collar! You have until midnight on September 15, that’s tomorrow!


* A few new items in the shop, more coming soon & check out the sale going on now!*


5 thoughts on “‘Cause you can’t break a spirit, you can’t kill a dream, Do you have any more gum, more gum?

  1. sadly, i’ve never been to a clothing swap. hmmmm…maybe i should host one in my town! anyway, those tights are great, lady. i have a pair, but haven’t worn them yet…maybe when it gets a bit cooler here, but for sure this winter! :)

    ps. love the first shot.

  2. i was just at urban yesterday…i also hardly go in there, and yesterday i realized why. the quality of their clothing is hardly better than F21, H&M, etc., and the price is double, if not TRIPLE sometimes! so not worth it.

    those tights are awesome. even more awesome for the price!

  3. the second half to Merl’s sister from another mister?! I stalk Merl and she loves you so it would only make sense for me to stalk you as well :) i love a lady who can stick it to urban outfitters. $18 dollars for tights? i wonder if they laugh out loud while making up prices for their stuff. This is why grocery stores are so fantastic.. you can simultaneously get your fashion and your frozen foods on.

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