Etsy shop update & ramblings

A mini etsy update today. I’m still a lazy bum. I have lots more to put up in the shop soon. Don’t forget, there’s a lot on sale too.

A few things today.

1) I decided to give up coffee again. I go through phases from 2-5 coffees a day to no coffee to coffee in the morning, back to no coffee, and so on. Lately I’ve been CRAVING my Tim hortons coffee (just look at the post from Friday… 6pm, scarfing down a large coffee in my outfit photos. I considered starting Monday with the no coffee but then the damn metro was having “issues” and that meant I had no time to sashay (that’s what I do in my moccasins) down the street to get some java before hopping on yet another bus. So wish me luck, ive had 2 cups of tea today and I’m pretty satisfied.

2) I tried out Photoshop CS5 yesterday at school. It’s nice. A few imperfections but that’s a given. I swear half the people in the class think they are a comedian. I was just sitting there rolling my eyes for a good chunk of the 4 hours.

3) My friend said to me the other day “I don’t read your blog, I’d rather hear directly from you, plus isn’t it just about fashion?” I replied that it was not. The blog has been having a bit of an identity crisis lately – bleaching and chopping off all its hair oh no wait, that was me – and I still don’t really know where it’s at. I keep flipping between what to people want to hear/see and what do I want to write about (You may have noticed I blab a lot on here). The blog was meant to be a personal style blog (and it sill is) but I’m also gonna throw a few curve balls at you guys. I like writing about events happening in and around my city, restaurants I visit and recipes I attempt. I’m obviously going to talk about fashion on here too. After all, it is an interest of mine.  

Since I’ve forgotten what else I want to talk about, we’ll leave it at that.

Now go check out Transient Expression and enter her giveaway for a faux fur collar! You have until midnight on September 15, that’s today!


4 thoughts on “Etsy shop update & ramblings

  1. i’m having an identity crisis, too. i mean…my BLOG is. that’s what i meant.
    i freaking love what you do here…i look forward to it everyday. your wit, your sassiness…your style…keep it up. i’d love to see recipes and stuff, too…bring it on, ding dong! ;)


  2. Ditto with Paige.. I think more and more bloggers are kind of throwing a lot of themselves on their blog, and I for one and quite happy with that, since it’s also what I do. Personally I like when people share more than just what they wore, though I will still stalk those photos, because then you get a feel for who they are. and all that jazz

    I just got your email. But I’m not going to delete what I wrote because that took time and precious neurons.

    YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. she’s my new bff, heads up.

  3. i love those purses with the plastic dots on them. divine!
    and, I have given up coffee too! I think I need a support group.
    Loving the blog. I wouldn’t worry. I love a good mix of topics, of personal and
    style stuff. wonderful!

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