I need a nap

Dress – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Sweater – old (Winners I think)
Tights – no freakin clue
Shoes – Steve Madden
Necklace – made by my sister
Scarf – gift

You can tell by my lovely smiling face up there that I was having a super time taking pictures… back and forth to the camera to make sure I wasn’t cutting off my head or feet. Clunk Clunk Clunk. My poor neighbours downstairs. Dark light = slow shutter speed = I can’t freakin breath or it ends up blurry. Ahhhh so frustrating. Not to mention I look angry or sad when I don’t smile. Jeeeez why do I take pictures of myself again? It’s dark at 7:00 now! nooooo sun, come back! Pleaseeeeeeeeee! I miss you!

You’ve seen this dress before… this is what happens when I have class till 10pm the night before. In the morning, I don’t have the energy to pick a top and bottom so I pick something that has both already! Clever dress!


3 thoughts on “I need a nap

  1. awwwww…you’re cute when you’re tired/irritated/frustrated/ingeneral. i cannot believe that it’s dark at 7! already! see, i like that. however, i can understand that it would pretty annoying when you’re trying to take photos of yourself. i love the contrast of the maroon to the gray…lovely.

  2. Well can I just say I like the scarf and tights, it adds a bit of color-although I’m a huge fan of GRAY and obviously I wear lots of Gray, black, white…but color is cool. And well the scarf just looks cozy to me-I’m so stoked for fall!

    And ok, fashion week in NYC…you come anytime you want…I would so not ignore you at a stupid lil’ fashion meet-up thing, I hate those things and would be looking for anyone I know to talk to and being that I have yet to meet you you’d be the “lucky” one I cling to!!!! then we’d see who ignores who the next time around…hahahaha.

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