I’m a walking contradiction and I ain’t got no right

Top – thrifted
Skirt – thrifted
Tights – Zellers
Shoes – Feet First
Bracelet – gift

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRIDAY. Thank. God. I am enjoying this string of no-plan weekends. We have a BBQ/Drinkfest (that’s the actual name on the facebook event) Saturday but other than that, I can do whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I want this weekend. If all goes well, I will be spending my time cleaning, taking pictures (for the blog, for the store) AND sleeping in. Sounds exciting right? I’m a party animal.

Do you think I can take classes on how to NOT pose awkwardly? I feel like I should just pose idiotically every time that way no one will notice how retarded I am. (well they will, but in a more entertaining way) I can easily be silly and smile when Matt is behind the camera acting like a dork but standing in my kitchen with my remote… it’s as if the whole world is behind that lens looking at me with a raised eyebrow. It’s a work in progress folks. Someday I’ll be ANTM… I mean CNTM material. By then, I will probably be in my 60s and too old, not to mention too short. shucks there go my dreams.

 [here is where I talk about clothes so boys, you can stop reading now]

These aren’t the shoes I wore yesterday but they go with the outfit soooo much better so let’s just pretend, ok? This top and skirt are both thrifted! Yay. To think just a few months ago I barely owned any work appropriate vintage/thrifted clothes. I’m pretty proud of me. I also have been holding back from buying things I really wanted. Even on sale.

 I started reading a book my friend lent me called The glass castle. I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a memoir about a woman’s childhood with “eclectic” parents. Moving around from town to town (or state to state), resorting to eating margarine because there was no other food in the fridge, not having running water and burying garbage in a hole in the back of the house, etc… When she was 13 and decided to do something about her buck teeth, she realized even with her babysitting jobs making 1$ an hour it would take her 4 years to pay for braces. She decided to make her own with a coat hanger and elastic band around her head. [and wear it to sleep on her cardboard bed]

I technically need braces. I say technically because I don’t NEED them but down the line, it could be bad for some of my back teeth I use to chew. When I decided to finally meet with an ortho 3 years back, I found out it would cost something around 5 thousand dollars (or was it 7?) I wanted to cry. Yet here I am buying all these stupid clothes. Ah can’t help it. I’m going to do my best to put some money aside for braces (and a future car and house and vacation and and and.) and spend less on material things. [as I type this, I’m currently also browsing the sale section of the Gap website. OOPS.]

On the topic of material things, found a pair of vintage stuart weitzman oxford shoes yesterday at the salvation army. For 7$. Ahhhh how I love other people’s garbage.  

In the words of Green Day, I’m a walking contradiction And I ain’t got no right. Who invented online shopping? they should be shot. Who decided braces would be so expensive. They should be shot as well.  (who decided as well should be 2 words? that’s dumb)



5 thoughts on “I’m a walking contradiction and I ain’t got no right

  1. It’s nice to see you’re taking a break from the Billy Madison quotes. BUT Insomniac was released the same year Billy Madison came out in theaters… what’s with your obsession of 1995?

    Having watched ANTM and CNTM once or twice (for the half-naked girls and the occasional pillow fights… I swear I don’t own the first 5 seasons…), I’m pretty sure they encourage awkward poses. However, as you pointed out, your shortness may be an obstacle to your modelling career…

    I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you could find a pretty decent pair of ‘gently-used’ braces at Value Village (or do you call it Village des Valeurs in Québec?). It would totally go with that outfit, and some horn-rimmed glasses as well. So hot.

  2. hi pretty.
    first of all, i commend you on using the proper emphasis of the r on whatever, to elongate the sound…i literally what to slap myself across the face when people do this, “yay, it’s the weekendddddddddddd!” they totally butchered it and to me it’s as if they’re saying weekend duh duh duh duh. you know what i’m saying? the correct way is weekeeeeeeeennd. right? am i the only one who sees this? anyway…
    on the the next topiiiiiiiiiic (not topicccccccc)…
    yay you for a fully thrifted [awesome] outfit. you look great! you and i are quite usually on the same boat ride, but lately…i gotta be honest…i’ve been craving regularly priced, new clothing. crazy, huh? don’t get me wrong, still love thrifting, but…i’m needing to update my wardrobeeeeeee (paying attention? that was wrong.) with newer basics. i bought a new pair of clogs yesterday…still at a good price though! i found them at tjmaxx.
    i gotta read that book. it sounds fantastical. i had braces…they’re good. embarrassing at the time, though.
    okay, i’ve said enough.
    byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (that’s just annoying.)

  3. Can I get a high five for Friday! Wooo! Don’ worry about your lame plans (I can say that because I’m being equally lame) earlier I bought some books and a new planner and I spent a solid hour geeking out about organizational things. Don’t worry, I did it with a glass of wine to take the edge off my total homebody plans. I’m looking forward to capping off the night with a couple more glasses of wine, some blog reading catch up, and some reading – all while wearing my most stylish Target jammies (being a style blogger really takes it out of you some weeks). I am so thrilled to finally be having a relaxing night, I feel like I’ve been such a busy bee – it feels so good to stay in and do nothing. Hope you enjoy your relaxation as much as I am.

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