polka dots

Top – Alfred Sung
Blazer – Alfred Sung
Jeans – Guess (clothing swap)
Boots – vintage (etsy)
Necklace – thrifted

This is Layla, my sister’s little  shit rat. Don’t let her cuteness deceive you, she’s a little hyperactive monster. I wore this to work for casual Friday. Then sushi & wine with my sister who forced me to go out for a beer after. She then ordered me a pint while I was in the bathroom so my “Ill stay for ONE BEER” ended up taking forever. And because I had already had half a bottle of wine and I downed that pint in record time (for me) I ended up with a good old headache all day Saturday and could hardly keep my eyes open at the BBQ I went to. 2 cups of coffee around 9 pm kept me going till about 1:30 AM.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m getting off this god forsaken laptop and going to go enjoy this sunny day and find a poutine to eat.



4 thoughts on “polka dots

  1. Maybe it was just my imagination… let me go check…

    No, “I decided to give up coffee again.” was clearly posted 4 days ago.

    So sad. Hope you feel better.

    BTW, nice dots, ugly dog.

  2. i think this is my fave outfit of yours. love the dots and the pink blazer. you’ve got the whole fem/masculine thing down to a T. it’s lovely.

    ummmm…coffee? hahahah. maybe you can stretch it out…make it your NY resolution. ;)

    love ya, honey.

  3. You had me at poutine. And the pink blazer. I would never think to pair it with the dark jeans and the dark blouse, but they look gorgeous together and clearly they’re meant to be together. Much like fries, cheese and gravy.

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