It’s just lipstick

Dress – H&M
Cape – F21 (10$ –  missing a button)
Tights – Roots
Boots – Salvation Army (9$)
Bag – Vintage Coach from Etsy (42$)

“It’s just lipstick.” That’s what I told matt when we stopped by the grocery store and he gave me one of his typical “what are you wearing” looks. Apparently lipstick is too much for an afternoon in the woods with the dogs HAHA.

I had a pretty good weekend. It had its ups and downs but I think the good outweighed the bad. After letting my sister convince me to go out with her Friday night, I spent most of Saturday with a pounding headache. Fifteen minutes after I decide to just nap it off, Matt wakes me up to go meet friends to bring the dogs out. Ok so much for sleeping off the headache. I love going out with our friends (who have 2 boxers) to dog parks to let the dogs run around. We thought it would be a good idea to get their energy out before the BBQ that night at their place.

We drove out to a spot with a dog park and forest in the back and let the dogs run wild – wild = in the mud – while we followed behind. After the dogs were muddy enough and the boys were thirsty enough, we headed back. Don’t be fooled by my lipstick, I’m a true country girl, I could have spent all afternoon walking through the woods with the dogs. It brought back memories of spending most days in the woods behind our house as a kid.

You can’t see them really well in the pictures but these are some pretty snazzy riding-style boots. First off, let me tell you that Matt did NOT tell me we were going into the woods when I got dressed. He told me we were going to bring the dogs out and I assumed dog park. And I obviously did not wear my cape in the woods, I was actually dying of heat by the end of the walk. This dress is the one I bought and then realized Meaghan had the exact same oneThis is why I don’t often shop at the mall.


5 thoughts on “It’s just lipstick

  1. Its time for capes! its time for capes! Its time for CAPES! I love this one on you and what a fun looking romp with the dogs! Even if you were a bit sleepy from your pint the night before! Gosh these pictures are so cool! I love that you always include a few random tid bits. Oh and I don’t know if all of my bloggingness will actually end in 6 months, I am just forecasting based on previous experiences. and seriously dude, if I didn’t blog, I would have so much more time to LOOK and READ blogs and comment daily and keep in contact with people. you just would have no idea what I was wearing while I was doing it. meh. no biggy! We will still be pals! And I am not sure if I can stop actually now that I have started. we will see.

  2. I echo the above “omfg love this outfit!!!!” 10 times over. And then once more for good measure. Did I mention you look cute? ……

    I’ll be emailing you back an equally impressive novel later this evening…I’m trying to crank out at least 10 new jewelry pieces to use for my huge fall lookbook this weekend..wish me luck. This may be the last thing I type before my hands become permanently attached to my pliers.

  3. yes, cabot cheese is the very best! cabot was one town over from where i grew up, so the cheese played a pretty major part in my life :) also, you’re making me want to take a walk in the woods with dogs! i miss the immense forest behind my childhood home… it was such a fantastic place to play!

  4. Your boyfriend always has such funny things to say, love it! The lipstick looks phenomenal, even just for a day with the pups. And I’m obsessed with your capelet, so cute! ps how many of those are yours? I have two and my hands are sooo full!

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