Make no sound, tip-toe across the floor.

Top – thrifted (originally Zara)
Pants – Alfred Sung “Jeggings” (19.99)
Sandals – old
Hat – Brixton (sale 35$)

How happy and sunny and floral are these pictures? They definitely do not reflect my current state as I try to breathe through my mouth and hope my head doesn’t explode. Somehow I caught a cold. Nobody I know is sick, must be from the lovely public transportation I take every day. I wore this on Sunday to go get poutine. Matt and I had watched “Chuck’s day off” on Food Network and were both craving some good old fashion pout. (pronounced POOT) We went to a little place on the side of the highway and got our fill.

Ah look at my long hair in that post from April! That is nuts. I miss it some days but it really got on my nerves back then. Plus, some people just don’t like looking like everyone else. And SOME people don’t seem to understand that. Why would I want to look like every other girl? I think having short hair is brave because there are so many people who “frown” upon a girl with short hair. When I see a girl with short hair I say in my head ‘good job’ stick it to the man! Well… more or less.

As my head is about to implode, I’m going to leave you guys with this short post.


3 thoughts on “Make no sound, tip-toe across the floor.

  1. yeah…you tell em! i love you with short hair. and with long. even if you died it green…i’d love you. so…it’s a win win for you in the love department. from me. in regards to your hair.

    however…you’re mouth breathing today? eeeewwwww. haha. kidding. man, that sucks. i hope you feel better dear. get that man of yours to take good care of you.


  2. You know you’re gorgeous whether your hair is long and curly, short ans sassy, or even shaved to the scalp, I’m sure!

    And I second the above motion; get your man to take care of you! He should be serving you camomille tea with honey and giving you a neck massage!

    Seriously, feel better alright.

    P.S. Is that a ‘Men at Work’ lyric??

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