In Bag Lady Land, your dreams come true.

Top – H&M (old)
Belt –  thrifted
Pants – Alfred Sung
Shoes – Seychelles

I was still recovering from my cold yesterday afternoon then I left my bus pass at work so I had to pay to take the bus which included borrowing some change from a friend. LOVELY. Thankfully it was 50% off at the salvation army. I actually hit the jackpot so I’m glad I made the detour and walked the half hour home after carrying bags of loot. I picked up 4 skirts (2 leather), some boots, a belt and a Polaroid camera that may or may not work but for 4$ who the heck cares.

After getting all that for under $30, I hopped into the mall on my way home and realized why I hadn’t been shopping in a mall in months. I passed by H&M and wanted to buy everything on the mannequins in the window. Usually when I walk by clothing stores, it’s downtown at 10pm after my class is done and everything is closed so there is no temptation. I forced myself to leave the mall – while most likely appearing to be a bag lady with my 2 bulging label free white plastic bags from salvation army.

I’ve mixed these shoes with this shirt before, they are almost the exact color, I can’t ignore that. I’m not usually one to match my shoes to my belt to my purse to my necklace to my eyeshadow but I like this simple combination.


This is me showing one of the new skirts. I absolutely love it. I’m debating shortening it but I also like it akwardly long. It still has the price tag on it. hahaha. $2.50 for that sucker. Can’t get over it. And it’s such smooth leather. And those are 5 inch heels I bought at Zellers. I’m going to have to talk about them more in depth after I actually WEAR them. I’m still practicing in the apartment.

It’s Friday and I have NO plans for the weekend. I plan on sleeping in, spending quality time with my doggy and cleaning (this is always my weekend plan to be honest).

2 thoughts on “In Bag Lady Land, your dreams come true.

  1. nice haul, bag lady!

    personally, i think you should keep the length. (you know me, i’m a big fan of the long skirt.) besides, it looks pretty hot on you. ;)

    anywho…your weekend sounds nice…enjoy it!


  2. I love how that top emphasizes your… neckline.
    You’re going to have to take me shopping some time so I can score some sweet deals on awesome outfits. Teach me the ways of the ‘thrifter’.

    By the way, nice to see Mr Sandler is back, although somewhat modified.
    …No thrifter can escape the magic of Bag Lady Land…

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