you should have put a ring on it

Shirt – TeenFlo
Jeans – Gap
Scarf – gift
Shoes – Seychelles (50$)
Belt – thrifted (1$)

I think I was channeling miss Glitter Scrubs yesterday with this outfit. I love Gap jeans. I don’t usually like paying $80 for jeans though so I only buy them when they are on sale.

The other day I realized that my stud in my nose had mysteriously vanished so on my way home from work yesterday, I stopped to get a new one. When I first got my nose pierces (Eons ago) I had done it for a ring. For some reason I got a stud instead… work maybe? I’m not sure. So yesterday I got them to put a ring on it… in. I’m getting used to the extra weight but I like it bunches. Hopefully my boss won’t mind. Haha… ha….ha.

Today has been a pretty lazy day. Walking the dog… wasting hours on the computer, walking the dog, wasting more hours. There was some food eating in there too. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive…

I received a facebook even invitation for my 10 year high school reunion yesterday. It’s happening next summer. Isn’t that crazy? 9 years already. Feels like just yesterday. *Shudder*. I’m undecided about attending. I’m not really friends with these people anymore and they all have babies. I have a year to think about it so we will see.

7 thoughts on “you should have put a ring on it

  1. I like Gap jeans too, but usually only for the first couple of wears until they shrink in length and I look like an idiot wearing high waters. I’ve stopped buying them because every pair I’ve ever owned have done this. It may come to light that I don’t actually know how to do laundry correctly. But until I figure that part out, I’m staying away from Gap jeans.

  2. Did you just write the last paragraph from my brain? My 10 year is next year too… it will be cool to see some people but it will be all about comparing babies to blogs… weird.

  3. ooh! i feel pretty darn special seeing my name all highlighted. but, seeing this makes me want to channel you. i love the added scarf, belt and gold heels. fact: you can never have too many scarves.

    high school reunion.. oh man. mine’s coming up just around the bend. this means i have less than two years to acheive some sort of huge accomplishment or get famous or any combination of the two. At this rate, i’ll even take just having a real grown-up job. I’ll have to see if I even want to go as well. All the people I want to see (and even some I don’t hah) are on my facebook and I know what they’re up to. shoot, i know more personal things about people via their statuses then I ever knew in real high school life. and on that note – thank god facebook never existed when i was in high school.

  4. i went to mine. i was expecting the worst, but it ended up being really fun. it’s like, we were all real people all of a sudden. no judging, no cliques, no stereotyping. it was nice!

    you should go…you may be surprised. …maybe even connect with peeps you had NOTHING in common with 10 years ago. ;)

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