I put that shit on everything

Tops – old
Jeans – 7 for all mankind
Belt – thrifted (who pays full price for a belt?)
Shoes – Toms
Hat – some kind of eco cotton

What a crappy weekend. It’s as if I can’t be motivated to even be productive inside when there is no sun. At least today I did some ironing, laundry and cooking. I made Chiliiiii! It was very yummy. I guess my subconscious decided it would be appropriate for this cool weather. Chili is just so easy. Buy a can of diced tomatoes, red kidney beans and white ones and then throw in some veggies and spices – along with some frank’s red hot –  let it simmer and presto! (Well if you make veggie chili that’s how you do it)

I wore this yesterday. I probably would have stayed in my PJs all day but decided to put real clothes on to bring Hurley out. In case you are wondering who the sexy mustached man is, it is only Matt. Do not get excited. This mustache only lasted about 2 hours, he told me that since I had something hanging from my nose (my nose ring) he would too. Oh Matt, always saying such sweet things to me. I told him I didn’t care if he kept his mustache, didn’t bother me if he wanted to walk around like that. (I don’t get embarrassed quite as easily as he does) Needless to say, he shaved it off shortly after the walk. I win.

That picture of Hurley completely cracks me up. I took the picture and only realized after I reviewed it that he seemed to have a snaggle tooth. It just happened to be perfect timing with the leash in front of his face, pulling his lip up. K lets look at the picture again, oh it still makes me laugh. What a cutie.


7 thoughts on “I put that shit on everything

  1. Your dog might have a snaggletooth, mine looks up at you and his bottom ones are sticking out so it looks like he’s smiling at you..which can get very annoying when he pissed you off….just sitting there smiling….
    It looks as if Hurley was really posing for his blog pics too….is he quite the diva????

  2. Snaggggggle Faaaaaccceeee!!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy :)

    (Do I smell a cheezy website brewing???)

    And I love your poncho. And your hat. And your toms.


    Damnit, now I can’t stop thinking about a snaggle face website. That is something I could waste many hours looking at…

  3. HAHAHAHHAHA MATT!!!!!!!! EWWWWW! He would never last with that, what a stupid point to try and prove, haha good try I guess. You look so damn cute tho!

  4. oh my gosh, chili. i need to make some, asap. i’ve gotten super lazy about cooking lately–the only thing i make is nachos! well, and pasta, but that doesn’t really count. i’ve been craving chili like crazy. also, your dog is adorable, i want one.

  5. eeeeeeep! hello matt, nice to meet you. i love emily, she is great. one day we will meet and spend hours thrifting. and i’ll probably just sleep on your couch instead of a hotel. :D

    i’m so jealous of your coziness and chili. mmmmmmm chili.

    i wish i had a dog with a snaggle. *sigh*

    hey so, our rival..it’s on. like donkey kong.

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