I thought pajamas was spelled with an i

Top – thrifted
Skirt – thrited ($3)
Shoes – Steve Madden ($68)
Blazer – TeenFlo

I’m getting quite a collection of work skirts. Too many? never. This is one of the ones I bought last week at the 50% off sale. We bloggers enjoy posting about “coworker comments”, especially if you wear vintage/thrifted. If you dress differently, there will be comments – or looks. Let me start by saying that these are all said in good clean fun and I don’t have any enemies at work, (that they are aware of… *shifty eyes*). Yesterday there was this whole thing going on in the lunch room but I was completely oblivious, in my own world. I hear a few words, bright, sunglasses, someone’s skin getting darker, shiny… Whatever they were joking about, I apparently wasn’t concerned while I made my tea. After I figured out (5 minutes later) they were referring to my skirt, it all made sense.  Oh those boys, so HILARIOUS.

In other news, last night after taking my outfit shots, I was editing photos/watching ANTM online. Once I finished the episode I was on, I decided to turn off the laptop. (I know – GASP) Then I actually got up, put some things away, burned about 12 calories on the stepping machine (and then gossip girl went to commercial and I got bored) and picked out some clothes to wear [today]. I realized how much the internet was sucking up my life. (TV in close second) I actually got things done before the very last minute and got to bed at a decent time – and then tossed and turned for over an hour before falling asleep…

You would think since I’m on a computer 8.5 hours a day at work, I would want to spend my evenings computer-free. Apparently not. I think we all get sucked into the internet/TV and forget that when we are bored, there actually ARE other things to do. Now who wants to knit me a sweater?!?


7 thoughts on “I thought pajamas was spelled with an i

  1. hey lady bug! (or should i say bumble bee? kidding! love you, mean it.)
    ahhh, the work skirt. i have several, too…i love them during the week, but man, as soon as the weekend rolls round…i cringe when i see one, peeking around the corner of my closet, trying to convince me to wear it. …waving a little zipper in my direction…

    what? YOUR clothes don’t do that?

    i think you look lovely. loving that skinny black belt. i make a beeline (chuckle) for the belt rack when i hit the thrift…skinny belts are on my radar.

  2. When I worked at the advertising agency we got a new HR company that was going over the new handbook with the CEO. When it got to the “work appropriate” dress attire section he had the whole thing omitted so that I could get away with wearing whatever I wanted! I was super lucky to have supportive coworkers when it came to fashion. In fact, it was a fellow coworker that convinced me to start a “what we wear” portion of my blog!

    Anywho, love the yellow skirt – especially with that top. Nice balance.

  3. ooooh i love the 50% off shirt, good score! I like the buttons, is that wierd? but yeah i like the buttons.
    And work boys…they have no idea…they think they’re so “clever” with their comments…silly boys.
    Yeah, internet totally sucks up all my free time in the evenings, its ridiculous. Every night I sit down around 8:30 and before i know it its midnite when I told myself I would be asleep by 11:30pm! never happens that way…I can’t believe I’m such an internet dork like i truly am!

  4. I always spell pyjamas with a “y’ and I refuse to write it the way you just did. I think you can write it both ways, but definitely not with an i??? Cute outfit – come visit meee

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