You are the sunshine of my life, yeah.

Shirt – Simons (old)
Skirt – thrifted (6$)
Clogs – thrifted Steve Madden (8$)
Belt – thrifted ($0 – came on another skirt)

I am proud to say I made an effort to take outfit pictures in the morning the past 2 days. I swear, we’re losing 10 minutes of daylight every day! The other day the weather network told me the sun sets at 6:35PM and rises at 6:46AM. I get up at 6:30AM (no sun yet) and I get home around 6:40PM (oh how convenient, no more sun). I just checked and now it rises at 6:50 and sets at 6:39. I’m crying inside. Soon it will set at 4 and rise after 7:30. Whine Whine Whine.

Back to my original point. I did the math and realized it’s dark when I get home but technically the sun rises before I have to leave (barely) so I thought I could come up with some better pictures (lighting-wise not face-wise) in the AM. This was also encouraged by Nickie‘s post the other day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I actually turned off the laptop Monday night and picked out my outfit for the next day. This skirt is pretty awesome. (despite the fact I felt like a pregnant lady because the waist is a LITTLE too tight. Queue the wide belt)  Can you see the design behind the gold pattern? SNAZZY. I bought it at the Salvation army a few weeks ago and it came with a matching 80s blazer/jacket of the same pattern. It’s pretty wild, I’m debating whether to sell or keep. I think it would look good with jeans. To Be Determined.

And in the war clogs vs Emily, I think I am gaining the upper hand. I wore my rubber boots and changed into these puppies at work and they did NOT give me any blisters this time. Clogs – 3 : Emily – 1. This aint ova. I bought these back in the day (aka April) for 8$! They are pretty much brand new. Someone must have gotten them as a present and said EWWWW CLOGS, GROSS! One (wo)man’s trash is my treasure.


5 thoughts on “You are the sunshine of my life, yeah.

  1. I love fall. I really freaking do.. when it finally rolls around, I’m so sick of sweating through my clothes and my makeup that all i can think/dream about is TIGHTS and CARDIGANS. But it’s still not my favorite season. because as pretty as the changing leaves are, I know that in reality they are dying and will soon be barren just like my heart. Then the snow comes.. and Merl is even more unhappy than when she sweats. Can we just move to San Francisco already?!

    I’m sorry I’ve been absent.. and didn’t reply to you on the facebook the other night.. I have a bad habit of opening multiple new tabs and forgetting to check back. I’ve also been editing my ass off since shooting the lookbook this weekend.. fyi it’s going to be AMAAAAAZING. hopefully I when I’m done this seemingly never ending headache will also take a hike.

    I just want to scoop you up and carry you in my pocket all day.

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