Karate Kid : Origins

Cardigan – gift
Pants – Alfred Sung
Shoes – Alfred Sung
Belt – taken off above pants
Necklace – thrifted
Karate moves – legit

I meant to post these pictures yesterday but we ended up going to see a friend/coworker’s new condo at lunch and I had a fun shopping event (more on that in the next post) last night so everything will be pushed back a day. This is what I wore on …(thinking)… Wednesday.  Matt told me I looked like I was going to do karate. Honestly I should just ask him to name all my outfits with his snarky remarks. Would make good blog titles, no? Kinda like the beckerman girls. (I don’t usually dig the outfits but the titles they come up with are just so entertaining.)

I can’t remember if anything exciting happend 2 days ago when I wore this outfit (2 days is too far back for my memory). BUT I do remember that I wore this one way in the morning and didn’t like it by the time I got to work and so I remixed it. And that is how Karate Kid was born. Karate Kid was born in the bathroom at my work. Who knew? The truth comes out at last!

Happy first of October! October means halloween, Canadian thanksgiving (but more importantly, a long weekend), leaves turning pretty colors, pumpkin pie (and pumpkin beer), tofurkey, boots & leggings, scarves, hats… Ahhh can you smell fall in the air? Honestly, all I can smell is someone’s horrible lunch that smells like cauliflower and death. Thank you so much for sharing that with the whole office random coworker!


One thought on “Karate Kid : Origins

  1. karate kid conceived in an office bathroom? don’t tell him when he gets older. oh god that was terrible. the things that fly out of my brain at 2:45 in the morning.
    mmmmmmmmmmmm thanksgiving. you had me all hungry until you mentioned cauliflower stench and death. what is this pumpkin beer you speak of?!

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