MA! I’m famous!

Umbrella – thrifted ($3)
Hat – Joe Fresh ($14)
Dress – H&M (old)
Blazer – TeenFlo
Boots – thrifted ($9)

No that is not a real magazine cover… SIGH. On Thursday night, my sister and I attended the LOULOU magazine shopping event in Montreal. We got to enjoy good discounts, free finger food and drinks, having our makeup done and a few photo ops.

This was my first time going to this event and I had high expectations after hearing what it was like last year. Things like martinis and free gifts at every store had me eager for the night. Unfortunately my expectations may have been a little too high as I was only offered 2 drinks the whole night and most of the gift bags were only if you spent a certain amount of money in the store. I still had a great night despite the lack of free stuff and booze and the insane rain.

We started off at Winners for free makeup and then a photo was taken and printed out to look like the magazine cover. (see top photo) We then headed to Joe Fresh. They had set up in a store with some of their clothes/accessories/makeup. This is where we probably should have hung out all night. Free drink (white wine or champagne) and the food kept coming (including sushi)! They also had someone doing makeup. With any purchase (no minimum) you got a gift bag FILLED with hair products, makeup, coupons, etc. I bought the hat in the second picture (perfect for the rain). When we stopped at BCBG we were expecting to be wowed. Instead we got NON alcoholic fruity drinks and if we spent a certain amount of money, we got a gift card. Hmmm thanks but no thanks. For a store that sells $700 sequined tops (I saw, I wanted) you sure are cheap. After that we went to Rogers and Jean-Coutu. We got our hair straightened at Jean-Coutu and some chocolate. They also had makeup artists.

At Rogers however, we HAD to go write on twitter or facebook that we were at Rogers then we would get a coupon to get in line and have a beauty consultation and THEN a gift bag. Since we didn’t have all night and I was not impressed we had to advertise for them on a social network site to get anything, we bailed within 2 minutes.

Next we went to Jacob where they (apparently) had a candy and juice bar – there was no time to go investigate – but I did participate in yet another photo op. Steph wanted to get new shoes at Puma so she went on ahead while I waited my turn to get photographed. They lent me a belt and some bling and took a few shots (that I will get emailed to me eventually). At Puma, they were offering 45% the whole store (I didn’t need anything) AND you got your picture taken and they put them on a pin for you!  We left Puma it was already past 9 so we headed to the “after-party” that was in a bar/restaurant and got our 1 free drink and a few more appetizers that I think had been sitting around for a while and they just wanted to get rid of them. Then we headed home.

I am easy to please so I had a good time despite running in the pouring rain from one store to another. A big thank you to Loulou magazine and I hope next year will be even better!


7 thoughts on “MA! I’m famous!

  1. LMFAO….I just yelled to the hubs upon seeing your mag cover, “Oh my god! This is my friend Emily from Canada and she’s on a friggin magazine cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The hubs came in, looked, said you were cute then asked when dinner was going to be ready while I stared open jawed at the screen.
    Then I read on and am now laughing my friggin ass off.
    You got me good there lady!!!!!!

    P.S. BTW, you look great!!!!

  2. Okay, first of all, the second photo is so great – love that rain! It looks like it’s just POURING and I love that.

    Secondly, free makeup at WINNERS?! What?! Amazing.

    Sounds like a REEEEALLY good evening overall – sheesh! LOVE IT!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  3. how fun! i’ve never been to an event like this. i must not know the right peeps. ah well. i agree with jentine, that second shot is undeniably editorial and SHOULD BE on the cover of a magazine. i heart you.

    ps. i’ll ride on your handle bars anytime.

    pps. that may have sounded gross. good thing you’re not a man with a handle bar stache, eh?

    okay…bye! xo

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