Mon ptit chapeau

Hat – Joe ($14)
Top – gift
Leggings – Gift
Boots – Vintage Minetonka via Etsy ($44)
Scarf – Zellers ($9)
Fanny (for keys and poop bags) – thrifted ($1)
Gloves – thrifted ($1)

Hurley LOVES when I make him pose with me. Honestly, he runs off as soon as I turn my back. On the other hand, he is an affection whore so he loves all the love I give him. He’s just a chikecn shit so the sound of the camera scares his pants off. That second picture is the face of a scared little doggy.

Matt came home with some goodies from his mama for me (top and leggings). She spoils me! (Someone has to!) As soon as the weather starts to drop, do does my hatred for leggings. I have so many issues with leggings, don’t get me started. However, when it’s cold out and I don’t want to wear anything as stiff as jeans, I end up with leggings and of course a long enough top or dress to cover my butt. Lets please leave a little to the imagination ladies! The only other alternative is my large Roots sweatpants but lets keep the embarassing Matt to a minimum (we still need to keep him scared).

I wore this for an exciting day of… walking the dog and taking pictures of myself… The weekend went by in a blur – as usual – but next weekend is Canadian thanksgiving! This means family, food, a 3 day weekend and maybe some pumpkin carving. I’m hoping to also ssqueeze in some hiking up the mountain and obviously some thrifting. ooooooo lordy, I cannot wait!


7 thoughts on “Mon ptit chapeau

  1. that little leather fanny pack is fucking adorable. im going to start walking my aunts dogs every thursday and I might just need something that stylish to carry the poop bags and doggie treats. As much as I love my yittens, I really miss having a doggy friend to hang out with. Although as annoyed as I am about constantly finding fucking furballs EVERYWHERE including on my CLEAN laundry out of the dryer you’d think I wouldn’t want to add another pet into the mix.

    I had something else to say.. but my cramps are making it hard to focus. Day 2 and I’m already sick of riding the cotton pony.

  2. I really like your leggings, they’re much more than just ordinary leggings because of the texture, they look so appropriate for cold weather.
    I can relate to having absolutely nothing to do (nothing on the weekends is the worst), but at least you’re lucky enough to have a dog that forces you out of the house! haha

  3. awwww…he’s so cute. not only does he look terrified, but it kinda looks like he’s either a) shaking like a leaf or b) about to take a crap on your floor.

    good thing you had those poop bags handy.

    love those boots, mama!

  4. the fanny pack…. YES! “is it still called a fanny pack when you rock it in the front?” hahahah or in this case, the side ;) I love that colour on you too girl! goes nicely with the blonde hair.
    and cute pic of harley! :)

  5. Oh Hurley is quite the looker. Lua loves to pose for the camera, ha, I think. When she hears the timer clicking she starts to look directly at the camera.
    … or the ears back pose she has is when she’s paying attention to me and waiting to see what I want her to do next! I’m sure Hurley and her would have a great play date and probably run around like crazies.

    Happy Thanksgiving up there!!

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