Duck Duck Goose

hat – unknown
shirt – Alfred Sung
Jeans – Abercrombie from Winners (ollllllllld, can you tell?)
Bag – Vintage Coach ($45)
Boots – Winners

I used to shop at Winners a lot, a few times a week even. My friend used to drop me off at the mall after work and I’d bus home. OF COURSE I would take a detour through Winners. I blame the mall for changing their hours so they closed at 9pm instead of 5 on week days. I think the Salvation Army has become my new go-to store. This may seem like a downgrade but I disagree. I spend far less and get much more. 

I stopped by the Salvation Army last night after work and ended up leaving with some pink lace up oxford style booties (going in the shop), a fur stole that I really love but I just can’t wear fur. (therefore going in the shop) and a skirt. I blame THIS pretty lady and therefore THIS pretty lady too for me wanting a fur stole.  I just. Can’t. Do. It. I hate fur. I can tolerate leather… but FUR, nope. Won’t happen.

I was watching the food network this weekend and “The Wild Chef” was on. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I like the way he shows how a meal is made from FRESH ingredients. Sadly, most of his FRESH ingredients start off as cute and fuzzy and end up shot and chopped up on the spot. I can hardly ever watch the show unless it’s seafood.

This weekend they were talking about Foie Gras which is basically the oversized liver of a force-fed duck. Foie gras is common in Quebec so it wasn’t a shock by any means. I decided to watch the episode and change the channel if things started dying. He admitted that not everyone approved of the techniques and everyone was entitled to their opinion. As they showed the baby ducks all tiny and fuzzy and then the full adults in TINY cages with their heads sticking out and completely willing to have a tube force retarded amounts of corn into them. It made me so sad. I feel like they were trying to show that there was no violence but still the message was clear to me. These ducks are bred, hatched, raised, force-fed to be then killed and eaten.  It’s such a sad life. You can’t tell me that ducks (or other animals) were “put on earth” to feed us, or that they are stupid and inferior. I grew up on a farm, I know about ducks. I even had a pet duck (appropriately named DUCKIE) who thought I was his mommy and he used to follow me around everywhere I went. I miss that little guy.

Rant over. I’m going to go edit some photos for the shop!

p.s. I wore this Sunday – obviously not to work

p.p.s. I don’t have anything against meat eaters but treat me with disrespect and I’m throwing it right back at you buddy.


5 thoughts on “Duck Duck Goose

  1. It’s amazing how today’s post started off as an innocent story of shopping and clothes, and quickly digressed into a rant about force-fed ducks. I hate to admit it, but I have to agree with you on some points. Although you’re already aware of my new-found semi-vegetarianism transition… Did you watch the documentary yet?

    By the way, I absolutely love the outfit. It is very 90ies grunge-revival. I miss the days of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Bush… But I don’t miss being a teenager!

  2. You found yourself a twinnie too! :)

    As you know, I’m a total vegetarian but I’m a total sucker for fur and leather. I mean, leather is nothing more than shaved fur, right? That said, I assume most of my leather clothing is from cows (boots, belts, etc.) and as is the fur (hide rugs, + sheepskin throws/rugs). It’s a nasty habit, I know.

  3. horrible horrible things happen in this word. poor little duckies. :( i get stressed out when someone steps on a snail, NO HANGING WAY you’d catch me watching a show about what you were just talking about. (see, i can’t even type the words.)

    so let’s talk about something else…
    you look DAMN adorable. i don’t know if i can pull off a hat like that, but you sure make me wanna try. also, i found an amazing [faux] fur stole, capelet thingy at a thrift store the other day…$2.98!!! i was planning to sell it, but i just can’t. i can make a dope outfit from it, i just know it. i feel so freaking glamorous in it. and even if fur isn’t “me”…i can force it. that’s how awesome it is.

    sigh…the things we do for fashion…



    I feel the exact same way. Although I can’t do real leather jackets anymore. The only leather I wear is my super old cross body purse.. and a couple leather belts. I passed on a vintage leather jacket because it kind of gave me the willies when I had it on. Speaking of the willies, I can’t even look at real fur ANYTHING in the thrift stores now. It makes me want to vomit. I know some people justify the vintage variety saying it would’ve already been dead by this year anyways, but they are ignoring the part about the animal being slaughtered after most likely living in a cage for it’s entire life. I’ve been a strict veggie head for about a month now… and while I can honestly say I miss the taste of meat, I don’t think I can go back to eating it anytime soon, if ever. How can you enjoy eating something when you think about it being a living being whose FLESH you are digging into? I’m gagging over here just thinking about it. There goes my appetite.

    Deep breaths merl… calm down.

    You know what I hate [love in jealousy form] about you? you do dressed up edgy so fucking well, then toss on a casual ‘oh THIS old thing?’ number the next day and look just as good.

    why do you have to live so far away? makes my heart hurt.

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