A few things


1) Another morning starting off with a bang. Yesterday it was the spider, today I misjudged how much time I needed to tie up my knee high boots so I left late then my laces came undone twice on the 3 minute walk to the bus stop so I had to keep stopping. I got to the corner in time to see the bus fly by then realized I had forgotten my cell phone at home. I still managed to make it to work at a decent time but not without an EXTRA LARGE COFFEE (it was needed).

2) Coworker comments this morning:
“whenever I see you two [me and coworker/friend] I feel like I’m looking at a magazine”
“the marketing department is always so well dressed”
Sometimes the coworker comments just make you feel great!

3) Tonight I am heading out on the bus to my parents place for Canadian thanksgiving. I plan on having only pumpkin flavoured food this weekend. Pumpkin beer & pumkin pie. (there better be pumpkin pie!) I’m planning a few things for the weekend: family photos (above is my inspiration), etsy photo shoot, hiking, thrifting, drinking. I don’t know if there will be time for everything but I will try my best!

4) Could you survive a whole month only wearing only 6 pieces of clothing?. Mia Shulman of sweetspot.ca did. They just posted the results and I am super inspired and thinking of doing this myself. Check out her 30 looks. A lot of bloggers have done the 30 items in 30 days but this one is pretty extreme. I’m really thinking about doing this. Starting Monday? hmmmm maybe!


4 thoughts on “A few things

  1. I am really happy my post meant something to you today! I never know if my thoughts are going to translate well, but It is always very encouraging to get a comment like yours and know it hit home for someone. It sounds like your life is a bit hectic lately! What with spiders in showers and laces and busses and all. After reading your comment, I am very very curious to see what you REALLY wan to be doing. These drawings and things sound so interesting. I love your style and seeing your photographs, but how enthralling to actually get to see the other, hidden inside stuff. hmmm.

  2. i am very behind on my commenting. love all of these pics.. wait, i thought we stopped drinking coffee!
    I love thanksgiving! it is so not our thanksgiving, but I am totally making turkey dinner tonight. good for you and your nighttime classes, girl. What kind of graphic design are we doing over there? Anything that would overlap with me!!??!!!

  3. 6 items?! very inspiring. i don’t know if i could do it though…i’m too all over the place in my closet. i have different outfit ideas written on little pieces of paper, receipts, in the margin of the newspaper…
    but maybe if you do it…i’ll think about it.

    your weekend sounds great! happy [canadian] thanksgiving!

  4. What an amazing compliment. I feel like a lot of times my co-workers don’t “get” the outfits I wear, so it’s always nice to score an unexpected compliment. And to answer your question, there is no way in hell that I could survive on 6 pieces of clothing for a month. I can appreciate the woman who did, but I would not care to attempt it myself. I’d just look like the dirty, lazy, uncreative girl.

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