Weekend photos – Thanksgiving

Hat, shirt, boots – thrifted (going into the shop soon)
Jacket – thrifted then gave to my mom then borrowed
Leggings – H&M
gloves – thrifted

God how I wish it were still the weekend. I need a vacation. I’m way overdue. Thanks to the turkey eating thanks giving holiday, I got to enjoy an extra day of no work. I’ve said this before and I will say this again, if the work week was only 4 days instead of 5, there would be a lot less anger in this world, especially coming from my direction.

Don’t you love having a productive weekend? Some people like doing nothing on weekends (like Matt) but I am one of those people who make too many plans and then ends up watching too many episodes of iron chef and then the weekend is over and I did nothing. I always say I’m going to clean. I always say I’m going to update the etsy store. THIS weekend I got stuff done. I guess that’s what happens when you take away the food network. I did a mini photo shoot freezing my butt off in the name of fashion for my etsy stuff. [Totally motivated by Merl and Christina] I also organized to take some family photos with my tripod and remote. It was pretty hilarious and we ended up with some really fun shots. It was so cold out that I often ended up indoors watching movies. Oh hello October, thanks for the slap in the face. I also got to eat pumpkin pie, snack on roasted pumpkin seeds and drink pumpkin beer.

Isn’t flannel all you want to wear in the fall? Or is that just me? This oversized flannel shirt was purchased on thursday and although I was obsessed with it all weekend (it’s also in the family photos) it will go up in the shop for another lucky lady (or gent?). It’s awesome, soft and warm and also long enough to wear with leggings and boots. Cuz who wants to wear pants in cold weather? Unless those pants are jogging pants, them pile those babies on.

p.s. that last picture is my dad carving the turkey and then carving my tofurkey.

p.s.s. it looks like I’m afraid those leaves are going to fall in my eyes and blind me. Nice triple chin Emily.


5 thoughts on “Weekend photos – Thanksgiving

  1. So… tofurkey is shaped like a pumpkin? Who knew. Do they make it taste like turkey? I may need to try this out…

    Nice Fall photos. I make me miss my camera…

  2. happy thanksgiving my fellow canuck! i am super intrigued by the vegetarian option! Is it difficult with all these meat-centred holidays to enjoy some tofurkey?… does it work to call it fauxturkey too? haha. And flannel oh yes! So nice to get wrapped up in that on a chilly day

  3. I love these fall photos! I am SO jealous. I really really love food photos, also.
    Although, I am not so sure about that tofurkey. It didn’t even get a big boy plate.
    how sad.

  4. Oh, please. Hush your mouth. You look flipping adorable with your leaves!!! And yah- I can totally feel you on the flannel. If I had a flannel snuggie I would wear it till I died.

    Also, I thought your Tofurki was Haggis. And that is funny to me.

    So, can I ask… what’s the deal with your early Thanksgiving? Did the pilgrims pay the Canadians an early visit?? I’m apparently very ignorant.

    Thank you in advance,

    Haiku Ambulance

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