Because I like to win… I mean because I love Merl.

Notice anything different? We can’t be friends if you didn’t so turn around and walk away with your head down in shame. What I did change is the look of my blog. As a designer, I’m CONSTANTLY looking to improve the blog. Unless I isolate myself in a room with no tv or internet and try to remember everything I learnt about web design in school, [efff that] all I have to work with are the templates provided by wordpress. Some day… somewhere over the rainbow… I will design my own layout. Until that day, I will keep fudging with this free stuff. I’m pretty happy with how this looks right now

Now since I changed the width of the content, all my old posts are going to have images that are cut off on the right. That’s too darn bad for them!

In other equally exciting news, Miss Merly Whirly is having a giveaway. If you don’t know who she is, you need to get your sh*t together. For 1, she makes and sells amazing one of a kind jewelry made from vintage pieces and for 2, she also started selling vintage which boosts her up in my books because it means I’m cool too. Maybe even COOLER since I started before her? A girl can dream!

Where was I?

Ok so go check out her blog and go spend your hard earned money in her stores. You can also participate if you have a blog. But I wouldn’t suggest it, why would you need a 100$ gift certificate?? Exactly. Don’t do it. More for me.


And if you are wondering who that sexy pocahontas is, check out Morgan’s blog. (and LUA of course!) 

AND we will be back to regular broadcasting tomorrow. Until then, please enjoy this white noise.



4 thoughts on “Because I like to win… I mean because I love Merl.

  1. OoooOOoo! I love the new look- verrrry sexy! Seriously- it looks really great. I love the header and your sidebar photos!

    Just keep your hands off my damn clyde’srebirth prize, woman.

    Just kidding.

    Just kidding, I’m not kidding.


  2. haha thanks for the shout out. I used to want to be pocahontas when I was little so I’ll take that as a huge compliment.

    I clicked through to your blog and thought I was lost for a minute. I actually looked around and was like where am I?
    Looks great!

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