Oh my goodness. What am I gonna do in a submarine?

hat – Joe Fresh ($14)
Jacket – Old Navy (old)
Dress – Alfred Sung
Shoes – gift

Sometimes I end up liking what I wear TO work more than what I wear AT work. This was the case last Thursday. I wore my Alfred Sung dress that I wear almost once a week. The only thing exciting were the blue nylons. WOW blue Nylons!!! OMFGHTKKLDGjdk….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Needless to say, this outfit did not have me rushing home to take photos. On the other hand,  I was pretty much in love with my white sleeves poking out of the 3/4 length coat sleeves.  I bought this jacket/sweater a few years back. Actually probably about 5 years ago for that matter. It’s old. Heck, it’s almost vintage. I wonder if I suspected I would be wearing this coat 5 years later.

I was just thinking about how many coats I have… (somewhere around 15) Is that normal? Or do I have too many? I got rid of a few recently and I remember Matt saying “you’re giving that away? It’s a nice coat” Don’t tell a hoarder that!!!! I had to stop myself from jumping into that giant bin of donated items… no that’s not true. I had loved the coat when it was given to me years ago but it just wasn’t my style anymore. It’s not easy parting with nice things. Matt was probably thinking “oh no. she’s throwing out a piece of normal clothing” That’s right, I need to make room for all the things you find strange!

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Yay for 4 day work weeks!


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