Hat – Joe Fresh ($14)
Jacket – Old Navy
Skirt – clothing swap (TopShop)
Boots -Michael Kors

These pictures don’t really do this skirt justice. I wore this skirt last week for casual Friday. It’s denim… that makes it casual. So listen up, here’s my skirt story.

I got this dark denim skirt at the clothing swap with my sister. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off with my 5’1 body but I grabbed it nevertheless. (it WAS topshop after all).  I immediately envisioned it with these boots (for the added 4.5 inchs) and something knit on top. I finally busted it out last week and I was pretty satisfied with the results. Now I did NOT wash this skirt because I am lazy and I knew I would have to wash it on its own because it was so dark.  Well let me tell you, it got its revenge. (I’m assuming the skirt WANTED to be washed) because I ended up with my whole lower half  being BLUE. I’m not just talking slighty blue… I mean so blue that when I showered that night, the water was BLUE. 

Despite the smurf coloring, (a guy in high school used to call me schtroumpfette. That is the French equivalent to smurfette) I think the skirt is pretty amazing. While my mom was visiting, we washed the skirt TWICE with soap and salt and cold water and you could still rub a kleenex on it and it would become blue. The skirt has a zipper all the way down the front and comes up somewhat high waisted. Next time I will try to get pictures of the front.

So did I mention yet I have a LOT of coats? I don’t know how many is too many but I think I’m close to that limit. This coat was from Old Navy last year. They were having a big sale on coats. I obviously couldn’t resist. And now it works perfect with this fall’s obsession with Camel.

Coworker comment of the day: She looks like she should be in England. I take that as a compliment. thank you.

Have a happy blue-free weekend!


One thought on “schtroumpfette

  1. I’m so totally jealous of your skirt, even if it did make your ass blue. No, scratch that, especially because it made your ass blue.
    I’ve always wanted to be able to wear a skirt. Seriously. Why is it only eccentric rockers can wear skirts? I mean, other than drags, of course. Like Jonathan Davis or Lenny Kravitz. I could totally rock the kilt. Or a sweet-ass leather dress. I need to get back in touch with my goth roots.
    That’s it. You’ve inspired me. I’m on the hunt for a man-skirt. (Is there such a thing?)

    Did you know Les Schtroumpfs are Belgian? Yea, we’re f*cked up like that.

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