Grrrrr Baby Grrrrrr

Dress – H&M (old)
Scarf/stole – thrifted ($5)
Nylons – nylons store ($15)
Shoes – Alfred Sung ($19.99)

The front of this outfit was pretty tame but once I turn around…. SHAZAM. After deciding that I just couldn’t wear the fur stole I bought a few weeks ago, I picked up this one as a sorta booby prize. I’ve been putting a little effort into adding a little bit extra flair in work outfits. There is no law against wearing animal print in the office. (thank goodness)

We only got H&M in Quebec in April 2006. And I think that’s about the time I bought this dress. I used to shop in their sales racks way more than necessary when they first opened up since I lived so close. Now I hardly even walk into a mall anymore. Good riddance to new rubbish! Gimme plenty of old rubbish though.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I literally spent the entire day in sweat pants. That’s the life.

Coworker comment of the day: your seams are crooked. to which I replied “why were you looking at the back of my legs?”


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