A white blank page

top – Alfred Sung
Skirt – thrifted
Belt – thrifted
Shoes – Steve Madden

Wore this last week. Jeez I’m behind on outfit posts. Let’s pretend I am as tanned as my leg look. Ok? Deal. Gotta love dark nylons.

I’ve had this shirt for months and I keep seeing bloggers wear chambray shirts tucked into skirts and it always looked cute. I decided to try it out for myself. Now if I can get the chocolate stains out of this shirt, it will definitely be making a couple of appearances with this skirt. They’re new found bffs.

I’m still planning on doing an X amount of items for 30 days challenge. I need to decide how many items (10? 20? 30? 30 seems to easy…) then pick out the items and then I will be all set. Now LIFE, please do me a favor and slow down a little so that I can get on this. Also, please start forking out the cash because momma needs some groceries. And a vacation. Maybe some liquor. And pumpkin freakin’ cheese cake.


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