Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Blazer – Teenflo
Tee- AA
‘Jeggings’ – Alfred Sung ($19.99)
Shoes – Seychelles

Friday was one of those days that went off without a hitch. Oh wait, does without a hitch mean to hell and back? If so, then that’s what it was.
It started off with me running around as per usual. It happened to be a rainy morning. Scratch that. It was pouring rain. I got to my bus stop and waited. Waited. Waited. There were 5 people there before me so I knew I hadn’t missed the bus. Waited. Waited. 20 minutes later I decided that my bus was just not coming. I kept waiting. Next bus half an hour later shows up. Of course it’s completely packed because there are 2 bus worth of people jammed into one bus. It’s almost 8 by this time. I work at 8:30. It takes me an hour and a half to get to work. You do the math. A bus ride, metro ride and another bus ride later, I get to work. An hour late.

Fast forward to the end of the day. We leave a little late = I miss one of my normal connections. This means that instead of taking a bus, a metro and another bus, I have to take a bus, a metro, a bus and then another bus. Of course there’s retarded traffic so I miss the last connection. The next bus isn’t for another 20 minutes. It’s (still) pouring rain and freezing. I walk over to salvation army to keep warm and do some browsing while I wait for my bus. I see a sign saying 50% off. SCORE. I find a really nice coat. It’s 24.99. Hmmmm that’s only 12.50. I notice the sign says sale ends at 5:00pm. It’s 7:00. I shouldn’t buy the coat… but it’s nice but I don’t need a coat, but its in perfect condition… I’m running out of time to make a decision so I decide to buy it. I get to the cash, there’s a guy there. They are talking about some plug, the guy goes to see if he can find some sort of plug thing. The old friendly man at the cash makes me WAIT till the guy comes back. Waiting… small talk… waiting… I look over. The guy is browsing the BOOKS. Look at my watch, bus leaving in 4minutes. I ask the man if he can cancel the guys’ stuff on the register and pass me. Apparently this idea hasn’t occurred to him… He does it (slow as molasses in January) I pay $25 for this coat I don’t even need. I rush into the rain, across the street in time to see my bus leave… In the end I don’t even want this damn coat. What is wrong with me?

It’s days like those that make me want to just curl up in a ball and stay in bed all day every day. I worked 3 years for a company where I had to get up at 6am, out the door at 6:30 to be at work for 8am and then back home by 6:30pm. Now it’s been over a year I’ve been doing the above daily treck.

Despite my ‘super D duper’ day, I was pretty happy with this outfit. I had a sudden inspiration from Zoe to fold up the bottom of these jeggings pants and pair them with a v neck tee and heels. If only I were 8 inches taller. Then I would steal Zoe’s identity.

p.s. Freakin hair. It’s going on the chopping block. Soon.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

  1. Couple things.

    1. Your pins are so good that I would gladly chop them off, and sew them onto my body, eliminating 4 inches from my overall height. THAT GOOD emily.

    2. If you don’t get a pixie cut soon to satisfy my slightly scary obsession with living vicariously through your short hair, so help me I’m going to come up to
    Canadia to do it MYSELF.

    3. This story makes me want to sneak you across the border [after I chop off your legs and hair] and hide you away in my apt for a few weeks. I say a few, because:
    a. you need a vacation, STAT.
    b. your bloody, decomposing torso would start to stink.. I love you, but not enough to smell that shit. It’s bad enough cleaning out the kitty box.
    c. I don’t have a c, but outline rules state I need to have one.

    4. Did I mention how cute this outfit is? No? well consider it mentioned. twice. maybe even three times.

    5. I’m sorry you didn’t win my giveaway.. and I know I have an email from you that I need to reply to. This week I promise. As soon as my hangover from Saturday leaves the building.

    6. Olive you.

  2. That friggin sucks.
    I don’t know how you stand it…taking public trans like that.
    I drive everywhere…there’s something more peaceful at least being trapped in my own vehicle in traffic than sitting next to a smelly stranger.

    As far as the slow ass in the SA? That would not be tolerated here in NJ…people have no patience here to wait on any line. period.
    You on the other hand have the patience of a saint to have even stood there waiting at all.
    He would have ended up strung,drawn and quartered if he was south of the border.

  3. Lady you are making those shades of grey look goooood! I really love this outfit. $19.99 jeggings!? That’s just ridiculous.

    I totally feel your thrift problem, each time I leave with something I’m sort of on the fence about I end up regretting it while it sits in my closet collecting dust and frowns from me. OR, I’ll see something that I kind of love, but for some odd reason I decide not to buy and then I sit and pine over it for a few days and when I go back OF COURSE it’s gone. sob! :( Then I spend a solid week feeling sorry for myself. Rinse and repeat. Merl (and her homicidal chopping tendancies) are totally right. Legs and hair, I’m envious.

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