A little obsessed with… native prints

Click on the image to go to visit the item on Etsy.

After lusting over a vintage inspired sweater that was out of my budget, I went on the hunt via etsy for something similar. Since I really don’t have any extra money lying around for more clothes, I will share these beauties with you guys. Please let me live vicariously through you.

I love shopping on etsy because I feel like I’m doing a good thing for the planet by buying vintage and I love wearing one of a kind pieces. Also, sometimes, it’s really nice dealing directly with a human being rather than a customer service department.

[p.s. I feel so exhausted… I’ve been trying to resolve a dispute with Paypal where someone’s credit card claimed the payment [they bought a purse in August] was not approved… I sent in what proof I had that the item was shipped to them, this morning I get an email from Paypal saying they have deducted the payment AND A 10$ FEE from my account because I didn’t supply sufficient proof. I get an email from the buyer saying this has happened before, she’s sorry and to send her a new invoice… back and forth emailing. It wasn’t really a great email to wake up to this morning. There are days I wonder if I am even making money with my etsy store. I have a whole bunch of new items to post that are really awesome but what about all those items that have been in the shop for way too long? Should I cut my losses and just donate them and remove them from the shop? Or should I leave them in hopes that they will still sell and keep paying etsy monthly to have them in the shop.  Furthermore, should I start a new shop from scratch? Reinvent it… Is that even worth the work?]


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