See Dick. See Jane. See Spot.

Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Skirt – Thrifted (5$)
Tights – Joe Fresh ($4)
Shoes – Alfred Sung ($19.99)

I think a lot of my outfit ideas stem from images floating in my brain that I picked up here and there. I don’t always remember where the idea came from but for this outfit I can tell you that The Glamourai and Kendi Everyday influenced me to mix polka dots.

I have this shirt in pink and blue. They are so versatile & lightweight, I wear them with pretty much anything as you can see:

I have decided that November will be my month of wearing X items for 30 days. I have to decide how many items and decide which items. I have a week to plan this all out.


One thought on “See Dick. See Jane. See Spot.

  1. I love a good polka.

    And I’m the same way. If I love something that much I have absolutely no shame in wearing it all the time.

    Yay. And I’m excited to see about this x for 30 business. Sounds very fun.


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