I would like to thank the academy…

I’ve been pretty lucky this year, I’ve won THREE blogger giveaways! A few months ago I won a gift certificate from Blonde Bedhead. And then recently I won a bikini from Split & Bikini Bird AND crazy lady bracelets from My Edit. I know right, it’s effin crazy!!! I am so thankful to everyone!

On Thursday night, I came home to a lil package in the mail and got my bracelets. Then Friday morning, I received my package from Jaimee. She threw in a couple extra things including the sunglasses, a t-shirt and a necklace. (you spoil me lady!) Unfortunately I was heading out with my sisters Friday night after work and didn’t have room/forgot to pack up the bathing suit to take home, wash and try on. That’s my official excuse for not having pictures of me in the bathing suit. Don’t worry all you dirty old men out there, (that means you Pascal) I will eventually put some up, I made the mistake of already promising it! Dammit.

Since I was so lucky, I think I stole matt’s luck and left him with a pile of poo. Saturday night after dropping me off at a friend’s place, he got a flat! and then got home and started getting sick and we’re pretty sure he has gastro. I’ve been playing nurse since I got home early this morning last night and he’s doing better. I’m a good nurse!

Hopefully I won’t catch it (yikes) and all will be back to normal in a few days! Hope everyone had a good toilet-hugging-less weekend!


One thought on “I would like to thank the academy…

  1. Ohhh…. so you’re the one hoarding all the blog giveaway luck. I was wondering who it was. I’ve yet to be the big winner! I love getting packages of any kind, so I can only imagine the level of excitement is that much higher when it’s a package of cool stuff that someone decided to give you for free! Now stop entering giveaways immediately, you and your luck are killing my chances!

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