Want Some Candy, Little Girl?

top – gift
Jeans – some crappy brand at Winners
Belt – thrifted
Boots – Michael Kors (sidewalk sale – $69.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Necklace – gift from a perdy lady

On Friday, my “sisters” and I went to check out Candi bar on Mt Royal (street, not the mountain but yes they should have a candy bar on top of the mountain).  We got there early (thank goodness cuz that would have been a little disappointing if we had to stand with our giant candy flavored drinks. All seats were already occupied when we arrived around 9:30 but we were lucky enough to snag a booth quickly.

We ordered 11$ 2.5 ounce drinks off the menu shaped like a giant lollipop. We ended up with a couple of EXTREMELY sugary drinks (probably didn’t help that they had candy soaking at the bottom of the glasses). A little too sweet for my taste, I probably would not order off the candy drink menu next time.  Other than the sugar overdose, the bar had 25 cent candy machines on all the tables (unfortunately we did not snag the Swedish berry table!) The music was fun 80s-today but unfortunately there was no dance floor to work on our sprinkler and running man moves. Well MY sprinkler and running man moves. 

I didn’t see with my own eyes but the men’s bathroom urinals are shaped like mouths (see for yourselves)and the ladies are lucky enough to have a double toilet stall. So when you don’t want to cut off your friend from her exciting tale of 2 men, you can bring the conversation into the stall and pee facing each other. (number 2s would just be plain WEIRD)

By the time we left around 11:30, the place was packed and there was a line up outside. I personally would not have waited in line only to go into a small bar and stand the whole time but maybe that’s just me! Oh and take note, unless you want a blue tongue and teeth, don’t order the Tiffany & Co. (or just don’t eat the blue ring pop)

Since I didn’t go home after work and just went straight to my sister’s, it was already too late when I realized I missed out on an opportunity to wear something flashy and kitschy to match the bar. However, these boots were made for walking and I had to let them do their thang.  This shirt I got from Matt’s mom as a birthday gift a few years ago just seemed to leap off the hanger at an opportunity to be paired with the boots. So there I was GI Jane in freakin’ Charlie and the chocolate factory.  I threw on some red lipstick tho to show good form.

I give Candi Bar 3/5 stars.


7 thoughts on “Want Some Candy, Little Girl?


    The stool with the legs makes you look like you have too many legs. That made my brain stop and die for a few seconds. OK. Moving on.

    That place sounds like a flipping blast! I’m not much for sweet drinks either, but we don’t anything nearly that colorful around here. I would put up with some sugar for a sweet time.

    And I like your vogue pose in the first photo :)


  2. I was at that Candi bar place when I was in Montreal in June or July ( I forget…). We just dropped in and danced for a bit. I had no clue there were themed drinks or more importantly that there were candy dispensers… I just remember a particularly creepy guy.
    That said… I am digging the camo boots missy!

  3. I love that you manage to look totally feminine in this somewhat tough look! Those shoes are amazing and perfect paired with that olive green shirt. Too bad there was no dance floor…those shoes would have looked amazing while doing the running man!


  4. 69.99 for those boots.. whaaat?! rolled up jeans and the dark green i love love love the whole ensemble. Those boots are gonna look hot truckin through the snow this winter. That Candi bar looks fun! I have a discomfort when thinking about the double toilet stalls. I think I can be away from my girls for a few minutes to treasure some alone time. Can’t a girl pee alone anymore?!

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