I don’t F around.

When I want something done, I do it. (unless something good is on tv or I’m outside or reading blogs or shopping online, … )

I was just commenting on a fella blogger’s… blog. (wow) And decided for once and for all to separate my style/design blog  (also known as the random blog with ramblings) and my bitching. I really like to vent and I want to keep it seperate from this blog. Therefore, I would like you all to meet Whiney McWhinerson. I will be putting all my bitching stories there about all the things in life that frustrate me.

I haven’t had any recent frustrations to post but don’t worry, it’s bound to happen soon. Till then… please enjoy the header I made.

p.s. I lost my blog theme for about 15 minutes and almost had a heart attack. Then I found it. The end.


7 thoughts on “I don’t F around.

  1. ooooo…i love whiney! she’s pretty. she’d get along great with my alter ego…bitchy mcbitcherson. ps. i will be emailing you this evening, maybe i’ll chat with you if i see you on googletalk…i have a few blog related questions for ya. :)
    ps…i missed you, too. and thought about you every day that i wasn’t blogging. true story.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA awesome. i love this. and also, i think it’s hilarious that you named your alterego “Whiney McWhinerson,” because my boyfriend calls me that when I complain too much. I’m trying hard not to complain on my blog too, but it’s pretty much impossible. I kept a journal for most of my life and the blog has sort of replaced that… when I reallllllly want to vent I turn back to my pen and paper, but I’m definitely going to try to use my blog as a more positive space!

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