Raise the roof

T-shirt dress – modcloth
Sweater – Winners (old – elbows are getting pretty worn…)
Belt – thrifted
Tights – Roots
Boots – vintage via Etsy
Sunglasses – thrifted via my aunt (powder room)
Necklace – thrifted

Last Saturday I went to a friend’s housewarming party. She just bought her first condo and this is her first time living on her own. It was a small get together but we had lots of fun drinking and joking around.

I ended up just dressing casual because I knew we’d be sitting, drinking and eating all night. And for the drive over there, I threw on these glasses because of course they matched my dress. You guys didn’t know that was a cardinal rule? come onnnnn.

I made these little greek apetizers I had done for my birthday in May. They are so easy to make and so gooooood. It’s a good contrast when you’re eating fatty dips and chips all night, makes me feel less guilty because I’m getting my fruits and veggies. That and it’s vegetarian.

They are so easy (just make sure u buy the pre-pitted olives…) All you need is:

  • tooth picks
  • cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • cucumber (cut in small pieces)
  • black olives (halved)
  • feta cheese (cut in cubes)
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • Pop them all on a tooth pick with cucumber at the bottom to make it stand. drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper.
    (it’s best not to let them sit too long as the cucumbers will get watery)


Mmmmm Jello shots

p.s. Happy birthday to my sister who is now entering her 3rd decade. What age makes you a cougar?? Kiddddddddddding.

4 thoughts on “Raise the roof

  1. So Hi!
    I’ve been meaning to shoot you an e-mail to introduce myself and tell you how amazing you are, but then I was like, well I lose my nerve every time and get distracted by shiny things, so why don’t I just comment on her blog the next time I visit it?
    We have things in common! I do design also and love thrift stores like whoa also and hi. Visit my blog and etsy if you are severely bored! And follow me if you like me! I will follow you back! …Is that what blog neighbors do? Maybe not. Maybe wordpress and blogger are enemies. Who knows. Anyway rambling hi hi!!

  2. Of course sunglasses should always match your dress!
    And look at the fancy pictures of your appetizer!
    You are like a pro!

    Happy Birthday to your sister!
    I am hoping that 37 is the year you become a cougar, or milf, since I will be that age in like 13 days.

  3. I love this outift! I need some of those long shirt dresses. It looks oh so cozy, but still very put together. You’re totally right, it’s perfect for a night out involving copious amounts of eating. And friends. Friends are sometimes overrated, but eating is here to stay. Is that you in the middle group shot with the long hair? I’m a little bitter that you look gorgeous with both long and short hair. I’ll get over it, but I just need some time..
    And hi!! Your little greek salad skewers!? YUM. I’m on a huge greek salad kick lately, but hey anything on a stick that I can put into my mouth in one bite get’s my vote. And jello shots… dangerous. Dangerously good.

  4. Yum Greek salad on a stick! Also, I dig the outfit. I tried to do the belted cardigan last week, but it really wasn’t working for me. I can’t explain it, but it just looked “off.” Bummer!

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