The ghost of halloween past


I have no plans to dress up this year!!!! I know!!!! How shitty.

I did however go out Friday night to celebrate my sister’s birthday and instead of dressing up and trick or treating on halloween (or sleeping off a hangover) Matt and I will be going to see… ready? …. drum roll…. WWE wrestling!!! dajlkfdjgskdjgmfcg!!. I don’t like wrestling but this was my birthday present to him. Unfortunately he figured it out… or maybe i accidentally gave it away… nobody can say for sure… BUT it will be fun.

Now since I will not have an AMAZING costume this year, I’m sharing photos of Halloweens past.

Hopefully they are self explanatory. I hate to brag too but I LOVED these costumes. We atteneded a private party organized by a friend of my sisters’ every year but this year she had a baby so no time for halloween parties! Too bad because those were fun. Let’s hope next year I can pull an even better costume out of my butt. BUT not literally. That would be a shitty costume. ohhhh I’m a comedian.

Happy Halloween everyone, can’t wait to see your costumes!



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