Dirtay Thirtay

Hair clip – stolen from Steph while decorating her apartment
Tank top – F21
Blazer – TeenFlo
Pants – Winners

We went out Friday night for Steph’s birthday. We had a suprise at her place (however she was not too surprised when she walked in since SOMEONE forgot to lock the door….)

I bought these faux leather pants last year for Halloween and at the time told myself I would NEVER be one of those girls who wears shiny leggings. I feel like there is a legging epidemic going on right now and it’s a little out of control. I feel your butt should be covered when you are wearing something SO TIGHT that it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.  Although I did wear a tank top long enough to cover 90% of my butt, these pants (I refuse to call them leggings) are thicker and therefore they don’t make everyone around me feel awkward.

Back to last year, I originally bought some shiny leggings at AA for way too much money for the costume then found these at Winners for 19.99 and immediately returned the other AA sausage tubing pair. Frig that store is expensive. After seeing Kathleen look like a hot tamale in her shiny leggings and finding a picture a few months ago of Drew Barrymore in some leather pants & t-shirt at a premiere a few years back, I thought I’d give them a second chance. I think I done good. I put on a simple tank top and a blazer to balance the outfit out.



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