13 going on 30

Today’s the day [the teddy bears have their picnic].  Last night I had decided to do 30 for 30 (including shoes) but as I started throwing clothes on the floor to use, I thought 30 was just too many!! I needed a challenge. I thought back to the girl who did 6 items! I finally decided on 13 [mostly because I liked that they both had 3s in the number] and here they are!

1. Pants – TeenFlo
2. Jeggings – Alfred Sung (Zellers)
3 – Black dress – Alfred Sung (Zellers)
4 – Red dress – gift from Matt
5 – Black skirt (ooops it’s hidden) – thrifted
6 – Grey Sweater – Winners (old)
7 – Blazer – TeenFlo
8 – Chambray shirt – Alfred Sung (Zellers)
9 – White Shirt – TeenFlo
10 – Polka dot shirt – Alfred Sung (Zellers) 
11 – T-shirt – AA
12 – Tank top – F21
13 – Plaid shirt/dress – F21

I decided shoes don’t count because with the snow we got yesterday and the weather being all over the place, it would be a pain in the butt.

What I realized

1 – I LOVE making numbered lists
2 – I shop at Zellers way too much
3 – My thrifted clothing doesnt seem to be as versatile because I only have ONE thrifted item
4 – Weekends are gonna be really boring haha.

I still have some outfit photos from the weekend to put up so by the end of the week you should have a recap of how it’s going.

3 thoughts on “13 going on 30

  1. you’re braaaaaave! i’m thinking about joining kendi’s challenge, but i don’t know. i may have to administer my own “challenge” first. before i run with the big dogs. like…30 for 10. or something like that. i don’t like to challenge myself TOOOO hard. ;)
    i can’t wait to see this happen…

  2. I am so very intrigued by this! I’d love to try it out one day but will watch and see how it works first. I mean I probably unconsciously wear the same 10 things everyday, but if I had to actually document it, I don’t know if I could!
    There can never be too much shopping at Zellers or F21. I mean if you can get the same staples there as you can at a more expensive store then why wouldn’t you? I hope the weather cooperates for you. I’ve heard snow and tanktops don’t co-exist very well.

  3. Stop it!! Here I am thinking the 30 for 30 sounds rough and you’re upping the ante to 13 for 30! You crazy! I’m really looking forward to seeing how you do it. I’m in such an outfit rut. I need to force myself to do some remixing. Oh ya, and start taking outfit photos again. Damn winter.

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