My grampa called…

Sweater – thrifted
Top – Zara
Pants – Alfred Sung
Boots – thrifted
Umbrella – thrifted

He says he wants his sweater back. Got this cozy grampa sweater at the 50% salvation army sale. 3 dollas suckassss. It’s so warm! And these photos don’t do it justice… it even has pockets! Pockets! Unfortunately I can’t wear this guy out for the next 30 days.

It has been getting cold lately. Don’t let these photos fool you, I pulled the coat off just for the photos. When we went to walk the dogs after supper at my aunt’s, it was SNOWING. I was sooooo excited, I was jumping up and down.  There was even snow on the ground Sunday morning. Can’t wait for the mountain to open!!

p.s. the above pictures were taken at 5pm… LOOK HOW DARK IT IS!
(the rain didn’t help)
Sunrise: 7:34 ::: Sunset: 5:42

The snow outside my balcony Saturday night.


4 thoughts on “My grampa called…

  1. Man, you’re telling me its getting cold. You’ve totally got the right idea though. I pulled out all my sweaters from hiding this week, and ran them through the washing machine — now I’m doing the whole layers thing. Last year I FROZE my ass off, because I just had a dinky jacket and stuff. This year I’m staying warm all winter.

    Well, at least trying to. :)


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