If you want to destroy my sweater

Dress – old (Simons I think?)
Sweater – even older (Old Navy)
Tights – roots
Boots – Winners
Purse – thrifted (will end up in shop sooner or later)

… pull this thread as I walk away.

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. I really should have put one of these knitted god sends in my 13 for 30. I’ve had this particular sweater for years and I’ve considered giving it away a few times. I’m happy I didn’t.

On  Sunday, I brought Matt out to lunch and to watch WWE wrestling live. This was his birthday present. He’s no hard core wrestling fan (altho apparently he used to be… yikes) so he was completely shocked when I told him about it Saturday. Whenever he changes the channel to wrestling I always complain and make fun of it. Full grown men in spandex undies and a T-shirt? HOTTTT. Anyhoo, it was fun and we got to spend a day together off the couch.

It was cold. Only blogging made me take off my coat for pictures but when they were taken, I put on my hat, coat and gloves pronto. I debated between comfortable dinner date outfit or wrestling -related attire. Since my spandex onesie was in the wash, I opted for the comfy tights and sweater look. Thank god because just walking to and from the car was Deathly chilly. I’m really not sure how we all end up surviving the 6 months of winter around here every year. We are TROOPERS I tell ya.

This was my last pre-13 for 30 outfit that I had to share so next outfit posts for November will all be challenge outfits.

A picture from my phone of the final “cage match”.
Don’t make fun, wrestling is REAL!

8 thoughts on “If you want to destroy my sweater

  1. Wrestling eh… I wouldn’t even watch that ufc stuff with my bf on tv let alone entertain the thought of escorting him to an event. You have earned yourself some quality girlfriend points right there.

    Now let’s talk about all these sweaters you’ve been posting lately. (and by “all” I mean the last two). I think we should do a swap.. I know you were quite taken by those squished pumpkins I posted, so I could send some your way and.. well you know what to do.
    You’ve inspired me to go thrifting for grandpa sweaters. Just as soon as this box of cookies leaves me alone.
    le fin.

  2. What a rockin girlfriend you are!
    When my son was small we used to go see WWE all the time.
    Now we have moved on to UFC.

    You look cozy in that ensemble….perfect cold weather wear!

  3. This is in my top 5 favorite outfits on you. EVER. I’ve decided that I love a well done casual chic way more than anything over the top. I love the crazy that Ms Catherine Baba possesses, and lord knows I love me some glitter, but when I look at all the outfit photos saved in a folder on my desktop, and what outfits I gravitate and are most comfortable in, it’s the casual but well done ensembles. The quality of the pieces also makes a difference.. just another reason why I buy used. [broken record alert]

    I’m sorry I’ve been absent.. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m fighting off a cold and menstrual cramps have taken over my body. I don’t want to tell you how today’s post took me.. it was pathetic. I’ll catch myself starting at a wall, and I’ll have to look at twitter or my texts to see how long I’ve been in lala land. Liver damage be dammed, I’m going back on advil pm.

    Email me your address. I have a care package for yousssss.

    me love you long time.

  4. ps… google the harry potter chick’s new pixie cut.. DOOOO IT.

    pps.. I’m getting crazy lines shaved into the nape of my hair sometime soon. eeeeeep.

  5. Um hi, I’m basically comment spamming you. I’m catching up on blogs today mostly because I have a wretched hangover and don’t forsee myself leaving my bed in the near future. Also, awesome sweater. Next time you’re thinking of getting rid of it, just send it my way. It looks so warm and cozy.

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