A B C … easy as 1 2 3

Scarf – gift
T-shirt – AA
Sweater – Winers
Pants – TeenFlo
Shoes – Seychelles
Belt – thrifted

Top – Zellers*
Dress – Zellers*
Belt – F21
Tights – Roots
Shoes – Zellers*

Top – Zellers*
Skirt – thrifted
Scarf as belt – thrifted
Tights – Joe Fresh
Shoes – Modcloth

My lovely coworkers are nice enough to help me take outfit pictures at work.  This is where I work. Inside that black cabinet. All day long, I’m like one of those keebler elves except I have a cabinet instead of a tree.

So far, it hasnt been too tough (the challenge, not the cabinet working). Really, it’s been my damn hair that has been giving me problems this week. (fist shaking while saying “why I oughta!”) I haven’t worn anything twice but the month is still young. I’m usually pretty lazy with my accessories so this is pushing me to put belts and scarves and … well that’s about as much effort I’ve put in so far. It’s much easier to throw on an outfit in the morning, I would normally be a lot pickier but this is all in the name of science  fashion so I’m going with the outfits that satisfy me.

So far the challenge hasn’t depressed me but I don’t even dare look at the other clothes in my closet. I also realised I have a lot of clothes, these 13 items didn’t even make a dent in my closet space.

*I also realized I should be on Alfred Sung’s payroll.

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