4, 5… nothing rhimes with 5!

Dress – present
Shirt – TeenFlo
Belt – thrifted
Scarf – old
Tights – specialty shop
Shoes – Alfred Sung/Zellers

Shirt – F21
“Jeggings” – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Shoes – Maxx Studio

Week 1 of the challenge. So far I haven’t rolled up in the fetal position crying. However now that it is Saturday morning and I’m in my PJs – aka sweats, I’m realizing weekends are going to be TOUGH!!! Leggings may need to be included as accessories. On day 4, Melanie commented that I looked like Drew BArrymore from Mad love with my little barrette in my short blond hair. UM thank you! 90s Drew = ADORABLE.

Another thing about this challenge… making sure I get pictures EVERY DAY will be a challenge in itself. I’m also forcing myself to play with my flash now (I always avoided it like the plague). So when I emailed my teacher asking him for some suggestions for an external flash to buy he says Hello Emily, get the Canon bla bla bla… it’s$550. WHAT? That’s half the cost of my camera!!!!  UGH.

Notice anything spooky about these pictures? maybe the fingerprints on the cabinet door? Kinda freaks me out a little bit.  Also, note that I am a lady (pinky extended) even when I am being a _____ (insert name of strange animal).

Ok time to go do some much needed tv watching cleaning.

p.s. My sista left for Australia yesterday! I’m hoping if I ask nicely, she’ll being me back a surfboard. That’s a fair souvenir right? Oh and some wine!!

3 thoughts on “4, 5… nothing rhimes with 5!

  1. Uhhhh looks like there was a bit of a struggle getting you into your work cabinet. I mean, it’s the only reasonable explanation for creepy handprint. Also, I really like your day 5 outfit. I can’t wear jeans to work, but boy I wish I could.

  2. Um… are you trying to kill yourself? 13 for 30???? I’m sending you long distance high fives and good vibes…
    Sad story… yes, I have collected a lot of crazy lady bracelets over the years but I just lost a stone out of my very, very favourite one… the horsey one… I’m still crying…

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