week 1 is done!

sweater – winners
shirt – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Tights – old
Boots – old (ebay)
necklace – thrifted

Captain’s log – Day 6:
We had some issues with photo blurriness thus leaving me with the only decent(ish) picture being of me with my crazy lady fake smile. DEAL WITH IT. I found it very difficult to change out of my sweats and into an outfit. Since I am determined to do 30 days of outfit pictures, I put on real clothing to go do some shopping errands. Ever since I made up my mind to cut my hair (appointment is in 3 weeks) I just can’t put up with my mop anymore.

Jacket – thrifted
Shirt – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Tank top – F21
Bow (pinned on)- from another top
“Jeggings” – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Boots – thrifted
Mittens – ?

Captain’s log – Day 7
Week 1 of my quest is over. I have survived so far, but not by much, Sundays where I am forced to get dressed will be the death of me. Yup, I am wearing cowboy boots and they cost me 5$. True story, it was at the 50% off sale at the salvation army. I may need the jaws of life to get them off but it’s worth it. I pinned on this bow from another shirt I own. Just call me Martha. I keep debating putting this jacket in the shop. I think this is the first time I’ve worn it in over a year.

I had convinced myself that daylight savings time meant I would get an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. So you can understand my confusion when it was dark at 4:30 PM. It’s officially time to let the depression set in for the next 6 months.


3 thoughts on “week 1 is done!

  1. what a great jacket! and you’re getting your hairs cut?! oh man…i’m sorry, but i’m diggin the curly “mop”. then again, i don’t have to live with it. my bangs are stupid and i really wanna grow them out; however, they get awkward and too long and since i’m not used to having a forehead anymore, the part in my bangs feel and looks weird, to me. anywho…everyone is doing some sort of challenge these days…what? life isn’t challenging enough? everyone’s gotta go out and challenge their closet, too?? hmmmmm…i’m only bitching because i’m feeling left out. i’m gonna do something fashion challenge related…i just don’t know what yet…

  2. I had no idea about Kendi’s fall 30 for 30 challenge when I started this! I saw a girl do a 6 items for 30 days and I thought it was awesome so I wanted to be a cool kid too.

  3. heres your new fashion challenge(both of you) come december, i will send you some stuff and you can style it and photograph it? and, we can see who did it better? bwaahaaaa. my evil plan. love the above photos, the light, the hair, that bow. yes please.

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