You want some of this? Huh? Do ya??

9 New items in the shop! Can you believe it? It was really difficult list 9 items in one sitting. (I have issues with sitting still, especially when there’s a tv in the next room) I pushed on though and got all the 9 I hoped to post up. There are some real gems in there, I tell ya. Some stuff I had a hard time deciding on.

[Like those Stuart Weitzman oxfords!!!]

It feels good great to finally get some new items in there! I still have a bunch to photograph and add but I think I will take a breather and do another update in a few weeks.

Now go check out the shop! There are also some older items on sale you might be interested in.


3 thoughts on “You want some of this? Huh? Do ya??

  1. oh my gosh, i must have that green felt hat… i think i am going to buy it!!! i hope it fits my big head :)

    ps i totally think you would look awesome in nerdy glasses! i dare you :)

  2. WOMAN!

    Why are you asking me about pin curls when you obviously know what you’re doing with these gorgeous waves of yours??!!!


    I’m jealous.

    Also, I pretty much learned all I know about hair by trying over and over and over again.

    …. and YouTube.

    Search for “finger waves” to get my look, and you will find tons of tutorials that run the gamut from 20s hair to victory rolls, and even down to the makeup. It is all very simple if your hair is akin to cooperation.

    Best of luck- if you need any more help, I’m sure I can pass the buck to someone else :) {jk, I just know that my directions would ramble endlessly and make no sense}.

    Love it.


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