Days 8 & 9, 200th post and a shopping ban. WHEW!

Shirt – TeenFlo
Skirt – thrifted
Tights – no idea!
Shoes – Modcloth
Scarf – gift

Captain’s log – Day 8:
Beginning of a new week, starts off with a good hair day. Sadly also starts the week off with me leaving work to pitch black outside. Hmmm thanks Mother Nature. Did I already complain about this? Too bad, my blog, my complaining. Oh how I long for the weekend to go out into daylight.

Top – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Belt – F21
Bracelets – F21
Thigh highs – Gap (these do NOT stay up)
Shoes – Little Burgundy

Captain’s log – Day 9:
Having only ONE SKIRT to work with for a whole month is killing me. Especially since said skirt is technically a size too big on me… Thrifters can’t be choosers.  I still have a few ideas up my sleeve for outfits but I’m getting a little worried that there will be some repeats (I’m trying to avoid that but 13 is not a lot of items to work with. Same outfit + different tights = new outfit? OK if you insist. I admit, I might have waited till the last minute to pick out my 13 items and I could have put more thought into it.  But what’s done is done, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it weren’t CHALLENGING obviously.

I recently tried a website to budget my expenses. I’m not actually that bad with my money. It just all adds up fast…. Rent/heating/tv and internet/groceries/transportation/paying off credit card bills/SCHOOL (I often overlook this one but each $325 for 5 weeks adds up at the end of the year) AHHHH!!!  SO from today till Christmas (that’s 35 days) I am officially on a shopping ban for myself – this is sadly going to have to include books. I will have to shop for presents (2 birthdays coming up + 8 people for Christmas + a wedding gift) but no shopping for anything for myself. I luckily already have my work Christmas party dress, I ordered it for last year’s and it came a week late so it’s technically new.

I don’t even think I can go to the Salvation Army until I finish posting in the shop the items sitting in our spare room.

 p.s. thank you to the beautiful Caitlin who bought the green hat from the shop! I hope you love it!


5 thoughts on “Days 8 & 9, 200th post and a shopping ban. WHEW!

  1. “my blog, my complaining”
    ha! love you.
    looks like you’re doing well! i’m still considering a challenge, but we’ll see. i am in desperate need of new work clothes and a new pair of “cold weather” heels. closing the shop was very good to me (money-wise), so i can afford it; however, wrapping and making several weekly trips to the post office…isn’t so fun.

  2. don’t feel bad, you are not the only one on a shopping ban!

    Which is why I LOVE food shopping… I get my shoppnig fix in and food is a necessity.

    Love the outfits!!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who dislikes the lack of light this time of year. Complain away! If no one speaks up I’m going to think I’m crazy(er) and all alone. I say it all the freakin time, but too bad, I really love this look! You had me at the purple tights. I bought a pair myself awhile back, but they’ve been keeping my drawer warm, because I haven’t figured out how to wear them. This gives me ideas.

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