Lady in red.

Blazer – Teenflo
Tank top – F21
Belt – thrifted
Pants – teenflo
Shoes – Little Burgundy
Necklace – thrifted

Captain’s log – day 10
I felt like this outfit was very manish. NOT COMPLAINING. I love loose trousers on women. I’d love to wear loose trousers, high heels and a tight wife-beater every day of my life. I don’t think wife-beaters are office appropriate. It definitely helps to pull off this look when you have legs from here to there and a tiny waist… I also felt the pimpin chain fit into the whole man-vibe.

Oh and can we please talk about my face in the above picture? Do I not look like a creepy chucky doll. Dolls freak me out. Scurrying around killing people… speaking of creepy little things… anyone remember this movie?

Dress – Gift
Shirt – Teenflo
Nylons – Specialty shop
Shoes – Alfred Sung/Zellers

Captain’s log day 11:
Did I up the femininity to balance everything out after the man-outfit? Nope, pure coincidence. However I do like that the 2 are in the same post, gives it so contrast. Same color scheme too… CRAZY!

How gorgeous is this dress? I almost wore it for a wedding this summer but decided not to. Then Matt’s mom told him he had to buy it for me for my birthday. So he did. And last week was the first time I wore it. (my birthday was in MAY!)

Tisk tisk Emily, such a clothes whore.

I am SO ready for this weekend. This week didn’t seem to end… work+school+shop update+small freelance job+a few other secret things. It will be nice to just enjoy my weekend. Then all I have to stress about is my school project which is due in a week and a half and I have not started yet! OK so after Nov 23rd, I can relax.  And 4 days after that, I have my hair appointment! Becca posted about Emma Watson and her hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr makes me die a little.  DUH they’re professional photos, designer clothes and retouched (everything gets retouched!) but she looks so beautiful, it makes me want to go short short! BUT don’t get your hopes up, this may not happen.

Over and out for the week. Hope you all have good weekends.


9 thoughts on “Lady in red.

  1. 1. I almost peed a little that you wrote “Captain’s Log”…too funny!
    2. Your curly hair is A.dorable
    3. I almost peed again when you said you looked like a scary doll!
    4. Your complaining amuses me and it makes me smile. No disclaimer needed!

  2. Ok, you are kicking ass in this 30 x 30. I love that red outfit. You look professional but like you might be the office trollop. I mean this in the best possible way. A lot of days I go to work in a sweater and some boring slacks and feel like a corporate drone. I like it when there’s some sass in the office.

    Also, on Emma Watson’s hair, I’m freaking out over it! I love it! I want you to get that haircut. I want someone in my life to get that haircut. It can’t be me, because of a traumatic incident in 6th grade where I had a bowl cut. I will never crop my hair short again. But you pull of short hair so well, I could see something like this looking great on you!

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