Probably should wash my hair one of these days

T-shirt – AA
Skirt – thrifted
Tights – Roots
Shoes – little burgundy
Belt – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Necklace – UO (had this for YEARS)

The thing about having my hair like this (curled), I don’t feel I need to wash it. (because then I would have to let it dry and then fix it and lord knows I am NOT getting up extra early for my hair). I kinda feel like kathleen these days.

My friend asked me on this morning “You’re wearing a skirt??? but it’s casual friday!!!!” [we pretty much ALWAYS wear jeans on casual Fridays here] then I gave her a dirty look and told her unless I’m wearing the “jeggings”, this is about the only “casual” thing I could wear. Shall I throw in more “quotation marks”?

 Well.. maybe I don’t.. “look the part”.. uh.. I’m not.. “svelte”.. I don’t.. “look comfortable on camera”.. I’m not.. “sobby”. I don’t.. “understand what’s going on in the news.” I’m not.. “likeable”.. I don’t.. “get along with people”.. uh.. when I go to work, I don’t.. “make eye contact”.. I guess I.. don’t.. “fit the mold”. I.. don’t.. “wear the latest clothes”.. ir, even ones that don’t.. “reek”! Uhh.. I don’t.. “change my underwear”.. uh.. I’m not “buff”.. uh.. I don’t have.. “firm breasts”.. uh.. I don’t.. “exercise”. And when I do sweat, I don’t.. “shower”. I’m not.. “spic-and-span”.. I don’t.. “clean the area between my crotch and legs”. But, for the time being, I guess the network.. “enforcers”.. are opting for my reproach, until Joe Consumer tells thems he’d rather get his two cents from commentators who don’t.. “make babies cry”.. and don’t.. “drink maple syrup straight from the bottle”.. and don’t.. [ as he makes the quotes sign with his fingers, wires pull him in the air to create the illusion that he’s made the gesture enough times to make him airborne ] ..”leave old, dried-up deodorant cakes under their arm for weeks at a time”…

Oh Chris Farley.

[Today (Sunday) I’m taking care of Matt after his 30th birthday party last night – rough night for the birthday boy]


2 thoughts on “Probably should wash my hair one of these days

  1. ahahahah! i love you. chris farley quoting. seriously. love you more and more every day. diggin the hair, lady. i tend to wash less when the hair is curly, too. ah well.

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