Petit chapeau(ron) rouge

Hat – thrifted ($2)
Jacket – Old Navy
“Jeggings” – Alfred Sung ::Zellers ($20)
Boots – Sorel :: thrifted ($5)
Bag – United Colors of Benetton :: thrifted: ($2)
Gloves – thrifted

The weekend was pretty hectic. We organized a surprise birthday party for matt’s 30th so that has been adding up to the large to do list that never seems to disappear. Part of me is glad it’s behind us now so I can have time to concentrate on my school project.

I went down Friday night to my parents’ and spent the evening with some friends and then Saturday my mom and I hit up the church basement sale and did some errands. Since I am on a shopping ban, I asked my mom to get me a few things as a Christmas present. Thank god for that because I found a few goodies I’m glad I didn’t miss out on. [hat and bag in above photos for example] Old church ladies are great, my mom and I got an old wedding dress[for the shop – too small on me!], 3 pairs of amazing suspenders, 3 purses, a loose knit cape/shawl, 2 t-shirts for my mom, some cowboy boots, a felt hat, (I feel like im forgetting something else) all for 26$. THANK YOU.

Pictures from the party coming soon : )


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