14 – Pretty impressed with myself for getting dressed

T-shirt – AA
Jeggings – AlfredSung/Zellers
Slippers – gift from Matt’s mom
Scarf – Roxy

On Sunday, I had no intentions of actually getting dressed (unless you count changing from Saturday night’s dress into my PJs at 10 am… kind of backwards) but I did want to stay faithful to the 13 for 30 challenge and being a perfectionist, my OCD would not be able to deal with a lack of number 14.

So I threw on whatever was closest to go play with the dogs in the backyard while Matt slept and then I got a ride back to the city wtih friends – while Matt slept some more.

By the way, this is Vegas! Isn’t she cute????? Hurley (our dog) stays with Matt’s mom during the week (no one is home 12 hours/day at our place vs Matt’s mom’s house in the country… tough choice) and Matt’s mom is also taking care of Vegas for a couple of months for some friends. Hurley is kind of a jerk to her sometimes because he is so used to being a little princess but they’re still bffs.


One thought on “14 – Pretty impressed with myself for getting dressed

  1. Congratulations on dressing yourself, ma’am.

    Vegas is adorable {as is Hurley!}.

    I never post weekend photos because nine times out of ten I am not wearing what one would consider “clothes” either. Underwear. Maybe sweatpants if you’re lucky.



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