Only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day

Shirt – Teenflo
Bow – from a dress waist tie
Pants – Teenflo
Shoes – Maxx Studio

Shirt – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Skirt – Thrifted
Tights – old
Shoes – Little Burgundy
Belt – thrifted
Necklace – UO

Dress – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Shirt – TeenFlo
Tights – Roots
Belt – gift
Necklace – old
Shoes – Alfred Sung/Zellers

Captain’s log – week 3

This week I am feeling pretty blessed. Sometimes we all get a little carried away with material things and forget that we are so lucky. I have a roof over my head, all the food I can eat, clothing (galore), I’m healthy. But we’re never satisfied are we?

This 13 for 30 challenge is difficult – but last night as I was trying out a few different options for today’s outfit, I realized I still have a lot of ideas up my sleeve for combinations with my 13 items. And considering those 13 items only make up a small fraction of my closet, it makes me realize that I have too many clothes. A good chunk of my wardrobe is second hand or at least items I got on sale so it’s not like I’m spending a ridiculous amount of money on these things.

It’s tough to not get wrapped up in a materialistic world. I think Madonna said it best. Like a virgin, Touched for the very first time. Wait no, that’s not it… Living in a material world and I am a material girl. There we go.

This is all the blab you are getting today as I have a big project due next week that requires a lot of my time editing in photoshop. Woe is me… and all that stuff.


3 thoughts on “Only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day

  1. I am materialistic… not about some things (cars…) but def. about clothing. We are moving this week and realizing the sheer volume of my stuff is a little alarming. I sometimes feel like a jerk for having so much.

  2. Yeah I know about the materialistic thing. As a guy though 13 items for 30 days isn’t much of challenge :) But I do have an absurd amount of things in my appartment (old laptops, cd players, thingys, whatever:). I don’t think I’m materialistic per say, but things just seem to collect. I actually chose November as my throw everything out month. I thought it would take like a weekend, but I’m only halfway done. Sheesh. Overall I think its good to review these things, and ask yourself — what do I really need? And what do I really need in life? Fashionwise I bought some white socks this week, and am really happy to now have socks without holes! :)

  3. touched for the very first time indeed. oh god your posts always make me laugh. dude the 30 for 30 challenge looks difficult nevermind your 13 for 30 business. did i just call you dude? i think so. let’s go with it. we’re just a couple of gals hangin out, bein’ dudes.

    i forgot to respond to your canadiens comment – yes i did see that game.. boo! lol. until we meet again Habs, until we meet again. remind me to tell you a funny story about your goalie Price and a girl i went to thailand with. not blog appropriate, but when we all win the lottery and have a canadian blogger meet up (merl can come, she can be an honorary canadian ha) i can burn your eardrums then :)

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