The dog days are over, the dog days are done

Shirt – F21
Tank top – F21
Leggings – ?
Moccasins – Ebay (old)
Coat – Old Navy

Matt came home Saturday with Hurley and Vegas (who he is watching while his mom is on vacation). I love animals so he could have brought home 20 dogs, I’d say bring it on! Unfortunately, we would need a bigger bed. It’s complicated enough with Hurley who insists on sleeping like a person with his head on the pillow… spooned by Matt (true story). Needless to say, last night wasn’t the most restful sleep ever. Unlike Matt though, I can get up, put a coat on, tie up both dogs, go outside down 2 flights of stairs, let them pee, come back in, and then crawl back into bed for a few hours. I love my sleep. So while he got up around 8am, I slumbered on for another 2 hours. It all works out well, this way he can have 2 hours to watch sports center or play PS3. Everybody wins.

Contrary to what it may seem, I am not giving birth to a dog in that first picture, Matt snapped a shot at the exact moment Hurley decided to go between my legs. He thoroughly enjoys doing this and when he ends up between your legs, he just stays there. Chillin. Like a villain. He’s our special little boy.

Don’t let the photos fool you, it’s getting COLD out. I’m surprised that we don’t have any snow on the ground, Christmas is in just over a month!


3 thoughts on “The dog days are over, the dog days are done

  1. haha… classic puppy pictures! All I want is a puppy but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon…
    That Old Navy jacket is ridiculously versatile. Two points to Old Navy.

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