One more week!

Scarf – thrifted
T-shirt – AA
Skirt – thrifted
Shoes – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Tights – Roots

Sweater – Winners
Scarf – beyond the rack
Dress – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Socks – Zellers
Shoes – Maxx Studio

Shirt – Alfred Sung/Zellers
Skirt – thrifted
Belt – thrifted
Nylons – Joe Fresh
Shoes – Alfred Sung/Zellers

I don’t even really miss my other clothes that much. 13 is actually really reasonable for the amount of items needed for day to day life. My only complaint is weekends. I could probably easily do 10 items for weekdays only. That wouldn’t be the challenge, it’s for those lazy days on the weekends or special occasions. Forcing myself to DRESS – in anything other than sweats – on the weekend is a problem all on its own! I feel like I need to save the rest of this conversation for day 30. I’m getting ahead of myself, I still have 6 more days!

moving on, lets talk about my face on day 22. Is that my face or is that a ripe tomato? I’m not sure. I am blushing like a madman for some reason. This is what happens when I’m at work trying to look nonchalant while my camera is being pointed at me. I think when the challenge ends I’ll be only doing 2-3 outfit posts a week. [daily photos is just TOO MUCH for this girl!]

Until Saturday, much of my free time is going to my final project for school so I’ve been a little MIA lately (at least compared to the daily posts the last few weeks). And work is really busy due to catalogue time = some overtime.

So happy end of week and happy thanksgiving to my US friends!! Enjoy the family time and long weekend while I slave away at work!

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