Yesterday was the before last day of the challenge but it feels like a whole new one with this new haircut. Every outfit feels fresh and new, imagine the possibilities to come! Don’t worry, I’m excited enough for all of us. Speaking of yesterday, I got 2 Twiggy comments, which make me ridiculously happy. My friend at work said she was staring at me all day then all of a sudden it clicked and she remembered who I reminded her of. Twiggy. Well Gee Golly thank you! is what I (did not) say. I may need to lighten my hair and start wearing little mod dresses.

So Matt was having the boys over for a nerdfest boys night so I stayed over at my sister’s. It worked out well since I left work an hour late (keep in mind it takes 1.5 hours for me to get home) and she lives closer. Since I had her place to myself, I made some food and sat down to watch The Holiday. I couldn’t help but feel I was having a little mini vacation from home myself. I couldn’t help  gushing over the house and landscape in England that Kate Winslet’s character lives in. Anyone over there want to do a house swap for 2 weeks? As long as you don’t mind I don’t have a house and it would be a package deal with Matt and Hurley. Oh and I don’t have a pool.  Gimme a shout! (Good thing Matt doesn’t read my blog…)

So today (Tuesday) is the last day of my challenge. Which means last day of obligatory outfit pictures! That’s what I ‘m most excited about.

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