30 days | 13 items | the end

Here it is folks, day 30. The end of my 13 for 30 challenge. I saved the best for last, my polka dot suspenders. Picked these up a few weeks back at the church sale (along with 2 others). They are technically a gift from my mom since I am on a shopping ban. Paige made me want to find some suspenders. I used to have some but I guess they got lost somewhere down the road. See this is why I’m a hoarder, you never know when you are gonna need some suspenders!

So long clothing challenge! Thanks for nothing! I kid. It was an interesting month and I saved some money by not shopping that’s for sure. Even if you only shop at thrift stores, if you shop in them a few times a week… that doesn’t help with your bank account.

Funny enough, Tuesday night when I was picking an outfit for my first day of wearing anything I wanted – that passes the dress code – I didn’t want to wear anything I owned, I wanted to go buy new things. Oh I’m such a whiner.


3 thoughts on “30 days | 13 items | the end

  1. Lady, those are some sweet-ass polka-dotted suspenders.

    You finished with my favourite top, and I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a skirt. Awesome.


    Now what’s the plan for December?

  2. this challenge was great…bravo, lady. job well done. and you’re too funny about wanting new things. truthfully, i would have too. ha!

    you know i love these suspenders. you look absolutely freaking adorable. A++++++++ and that hair…ahhhh…it totally outshines everything. you know what i mean. it’s just so perfect on you.

    cute as a button, you are.

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